Top 16 Best Free PDF Converter Online

The best free PDF converter online helps you to convert various file formats within few clicks. You don’t have to pay, sign up or give an email to download the converted documents.

It is an essential tool for converting PDF to or from various formats like DOC, JPG, JPEG, EPUB, CRW, HTML, ODP, texts, CSV, DWG, and GIF.

There are many PDF converter tools online and finding the correct one is often difficult. Some applications are premium and some are free.

In this article, we will highlight the most reliable and PDF converter tools online for free.

Best Free PDF Converter Online

16 Best Free PDF Converter Online

There are many online PDF converter tools you may find and most of them are free for light users.

However, if you intend to convert a large number of pages or edit many documents, then you need to upgrade to the premium packages. Apart from online, few tools offer Android apps and desktop software.

Here is our best free PDF converter online to solve your PDF related problems.

1. iLovePDF – Online PDF tools for PDF lovers

ilovePDF is one of the best online free PDF converters. It is easy to use. Besides, it has different useful PDF converting features like merging, dividing, compressing, rotating, unlocking, and watermarking.

This application allows us to convert PDF files to or from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and JPG. iLovePDF converter helps convert the file within three clicks.

Choose the format to convert to -> Select files-> Convert. Besides, you can convert more files at a time.

Though all tools are 100% free, it has a premium version too. However, the free version has many limitations, but iLovePDF is our top choice of PDF converter online for free.

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2. Smallpdf – A Free Solution to all your PDF Problems

Smallpdf is the complete solution for PDF files. It has 18 conversion options, so you select any feature that works for your needs.

This application includes a variety of features to convert PDF documents such as compress, convert, split, merge, rotate, number pages, edit, delete pages, and many more.

For conversion, select the format and choose the file from the computer. In a few seconds, the file will be ready for your selected format. After converting, your file will be downloaded automatically.

Smallpdf has a 14-days free trial version. However, in the trial version, you can convert only two files per hour. Although it has limitations, Smallpdf is a quite familiar name of PDF converter online you will ever find.

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3. Zamzar – video converter, audio converter, image converter, eBook converter

Zamzar is another popular free PDF converter online. It allows you to convert documents PDF to or from EPUB, DOC, WORD, JPG, HTML, ODP, texts, PDF, CSV, DWG, GIF, and many more. It is not necessary to download software.

Zamzar helps to convert the file within four clicks. Drag or drop files, select format, convert, and download. If you want to get a converted file into your Email account, you can add an Email after completing the second step.

Besides, when you load any file, you will see buttons that help to control the output format. However, Zamzar allows converting only one PDF file at a time.

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4. Online2PDF – Online PDF Converter

Online2PDF helps to convert PDF online with the ability to edit, join, and unlock. In the upgrade version, they include an advance feature for “image to PDF” and “layout.”

It allows exporting PDF files to word, excel, PowerPoint, JPG, and many more.

For converting, you may follow three steps like select file > select format as you want to convert > finally, click on convert. After all, Online2PDF has some limitations such as the maximum file size is 100MB, and all files together must not exceed 150MB.

It helps to select 20 files at a time. Online2PDF is the easiest PDF converter online and it’s completely free.

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5. PDF24 – PDF Creator & Converter for FREE

PDF24 software is 100% free and easy to use as an online PDF converter. It helps to convert PDF to or from the text, image, word, HTML, and many more formats.

This application has a variety of options to work with PDF such as joining, dividing, convert, protect, unlock, edit, remove PDF pages, extract PDF pages, short PDF pages, OCR, add watermark, add page number and many other options.

It also authorizes to create PDF with a camera. For changing any format, choosing a file to convert > select any format as your need > convert > finally, click on download.

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6. PDF2Go – Online PDF Converter – Edit, rotate and compress PDF files

PDF2Go is a high-quality free PDF converter online application. This tool permits to convert to or from PDF, or edit a PDF by merging PDF files, rotating pages, adding or removing password protection from a PDF file, and much more.

Whenever you load any file, you will see buttons that help control the output format. However, it allows changing PDF files online without software installation or download. They ensure security in your file.

All uploaded files are automatically deleted after 24 hours. It enables you to edit PDFs using an operator like Windows, Mac or Linux, or on the go from your smartphone or tablet, just by using a browser.

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7. DocuPub – Free Online PDF Converter

DocuPub is an online PDF converter tool. It is available for anyone to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image formats like TIFF, JPG, HEIC, and many others to PDF, PDF/A, or Image.

In this application, no need to install anything on your computer – simply upload the file and select your delivery method. It takes a few minutes when you convert the file. It also allows the rotating page.

8. HiPDF – The Best All-In-One Free Online PDF Solution

HiPDF is the most complete design tool, which fulfills anyone’s all PDF needs.  This program is extremely easy to operate and saves time. It offers a variety of options to convert PDF to or from like Word, PPT, Excel, JPG, PNG, GIP, HTML, TIFF, BMF, Text, EPUB, RTP, and many more.

This application is completely free and secure.

HiPDF has different options to work with PDF such as, merge, split, convert, edit, compress, rotate, crop, protect with password, and unlock password, delete, and many more options.

It has also a variety of tools to work with the image like JPG to Word, Excel, PPT, ICO, Text, and compress, crop, resize and rotate an image, and many options.

It enables to work offline both smartphone and computer. HiPDF protects your information by automatically delete files after an hour of uploading.

9. FreePDFConvert – Best PDF Converter

FreePDFConvert is an easy, fast, and nice online PDF converter tool to convert any document. This application helps to convert PDF to or from DOC, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG. It also converts OpenOffice, eBooks, and iWork to PDF.

This program has many options such as, merge, split, compress, rotate, delete pages and many more form of PDF. It allows unlimited file sizes as well as the ability to upload and convert several files to PDF at the same time.

For ensuring security, they automatically delete uploaded files after three hours. FreePDFConvert works on any operating services including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It helps to convert a file within three clicks. Choose a file > Select format > finally, click on download. In the free version, you can convert only 1 file within an hour.

10.ToPDF – Free Online PDF Converter

ToPDF is another best online PDF converter tool. This application helps to convert text, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and images to or from PDF format. You can compress and combine PDF with this application.

Select the target conversion > upload up to 20 documents > wait a few minutes for completing the conversion process > Download. All uploaded data is deleted after an hour.

11. OnlineConvert – convert video, images, audio and documents for free

OnlineConvert is also a free PDF converter online. This application has a simple way to convert the document. It helps to convert PDF to or from DOC, DOCX, PPT, Text, RTP, PPTM, HTML, JPG, PNG, GIP, MAF, ICO, MOBI, EPUB, RAR, ZIP, and many more formats.

For converting format, select file > Choose format > Convert > when you finish conversion then download.

12. LightPDF – Edit, Convert PDF Files Online for Free

LightPDF is another best PDF converter online to solve all PDF problems with one click. As the name suggests, it is light and easy to use. This application is easy to use.

It has extremely useful tools that allow us to edit PDF, add watermarks, combine and separate documents, add signatures or protect them with keys, compress them, and many more.

It also helps to convert PDF files to different formats. LightPDF has no required registration to get benefits. You can convert several files at a time. LightPDF helps to convert files into three steps. Choose file -> Conversion -> Download.

13. EasyPDF – Free Online PDF Suite

EasyPDF is a 100% free PDF converter online. This program has no limitations and secure. Its conversion speed depends on file size. It has made for an easy way to convert documents.

This application has 15 essential tools. EasyPDF helps to change PDF format to Document, PowerPoint, Excel, Text, AutoCAD, and many more.

It also has many options to Create, Edit, Join, Divide, and Compress PDF documents. Along with this, EasyPDF has OCR online tool.

14. Convertio – File Converter

Convertio is an easy and fast online PDF converter tool. This online application helps to convert PDF documents to Word, PPT, Excel, HTML, EPUB, JPG, PNG, and many other formats. You can convert a maximum of 100MB files.

They ensure the privacy of your file by deleted uploaded files instantly and converted files within 24 hours. This program can also convert encrypted PDF files with good quality preservation.

15. Convert Online Free – Convert Word DOC DOCX to PDF Online is a website which used to convert the high quality of conversion of PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Image, JPG, ZIP, and many other formats. Maximum 50MB files are accepted.

This online application has no required personal information.

16. SodaPDF – PDF Software to Create, Convert, Edit and Sign Files

SodaPDF is one of the best PDF converter online applications. It has a variety of useful tools for merging, Editing, Converting, Dividing, Compressing, and many more option of PDF file. You can convert PDF to many different formats.

This application also fulfills your all PDF needs. It has a limitation, almost all tools will be purchased. You can use free only 14 days trial version.


Final thought, most of the best free PDF converter online has many limitations. In the free versions, users are not able to convert a huge amount of files at a time and do not control the quality of output documents.

In this article, you may find the best free PDF converter online to complete your task. We have tested them and found them easy to use. You can use any of them as you need.

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