Zamzar – Online File Converting Tool

A complete overview of Zamzar file converting software, including features, tools, and Zamzar pricing.

It is one of the popular converter tools online. With it, you can convert more than 1200 file formats. The standard converting formats are Document, Image, Audio, Video, E-book, CAD, and many more.

In this article, you will find a full review along with tools and pricing.

Zamzar- Video Converter, Audio Converter, Image Converter, eBook Converter

If you are looking for the best free converter online, then you are in the right place. can be your best choice to convert your document seamlessly.

Using this tool, you cannot edit, merge, compress, or split documents; only, you can convert a variety of file formats. Apart from, store your files.

However, it is available for any operating system, including Windows, Mac, or Linux. Also, you can convert files on Android, Apple, or iPhone device.

Zamzar – Online File Converting Tool


  • File transformation made straightforward.
  • A variety of converting options.
  • Choose your favorite platforms.
  • Safe & secure online converter.
  • No need to download or install any software; just access, and convert your files with few clicks.
  • Complete all conversions within 10 minutes.
  • Support 1200+ file formats, more than other converters online.
  • Successfully convert files since 2006.
  • If you face any drawback when using Zamzar, just email them, and they will solve your problem.


Zamzar is one of the trending free PDF converter tools online, mainly focused on converting files. You will see the maximum converting tools in their user interface.

It supports various types of conversions. The standard tools are MP3, MP4, FLAC, WAV, DOCX, PDF, JPG, FLV, VOB, Music, Audio, Video, Image, and eBook converters.

It makes your conversion easy. The most popular converters are PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, FLAC to MP3, EPUB to PDF, PDF to DOC, JPG to Word, FLV to MP3, Excel to PDF, PDF to JPG, Word to PDF, and many more.

Also, it has some unique tools, including Developer API, Zapier integration, and Web browser Button, which make your files convert easier.

How to convert files

To convert one or more files, just access, and click the “Add files” button. Then choose your desired conversion type. After selecting the relevant conversion type, click on the “Convert” button. Within a few moments, your file will be converted and ready to be downloaded.

Also, you can enter an email address to receive a link to your processed files.

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How safe is Zamzar?

Dealing with secret documents on any online website is always a question that arises in our minds, “Is our file safe?” Zamzar online converter ensures the security of your files.

They take multiple steps to secure your files and follow transport-level security to protect all users.

Also, Zamzar is using 128 bit SSL to encrypt the data. Apart from these two, they are using other security systems.

Import files from online

Upload from your device is the first option; apart from that, you can import files from any URL, Google Drive, or Dropbox as well as from email.

Also, you can drag and drop files from the computer.

Zamzar Pricing is a free online converter tool. Apart from this, it has three types of premium versions, including BASIC, PRO, and BUSINESS.

In the free packages, you can convert only two files a day. Also, the file size is limited.

Using premium packages, you can convert unlimited files per day. In the sequence of the premium version, the maximum file size will increase. You will pay for BASIC, PRO, and BUSINESS versions respectively $9, $16, and $25 per month. However, you can buy a premium version for a day and convert unlimited files.



Zamzar online PDF converter tool makes files converting easy. The free version is likely the most convenient choice for users in a pinch, but if you want to convert files regularly, you have to buy their premium version.

There are many converter tools available online, but is famous for supporting the vast number of media formats.

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