Is Online2PDF Safe to Use?

Is Online2PDF Safe to Use? Yes, Online2PDF is safe to use, and the converted files are deleted immediately after downloading by the user.

Online2PDF treats all files strictly and never shares it with a third party. If you are not still convinced, here we have discussed every possible aspect of the safety of the Online2PDF.

What is Online2PDF Converter?

Online2PDF is one of the top free PDF converter tools online. The ad-supported PDF tool helps you to convert and edit all kinds of documents.

You can change, edit, compress, unlock, and protect PDF documents. Also, you will be able to merge and split PDF files with it easily and efficiently.

Online2PDF is entirely free, and all tools are available such as Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, and PDF to other documents.

If you need one tool for all your PDF related works, you can choose Online2PDF. It is a great tool to convert different file formats.

How Safe is Online2PDF?

Is Online2PDF Safe to Use

Is Online2PDF safe to use? Well, From our testing and their FAQ statement, we ensure that Online2PDF is safe to use.

It will store your files as long as the conversion takes place, and after you are converting and downloading the files, it will delete all your uploaded and altered documents.

In their Data Protection and Security page stated that:

“All uploaded files and data are treated as strictly confidential and are never disclosed to third parties. Uploaded files are immediately and deleted automatically right after the conversion. Hence, they are only saved temporarily for the time of conversion. The converted files may be available up to 60 seconds after the conversion has finished giving the user the chance to download the converted files.” –

Why is Online2PDF Safe?

Here are our top three reasons why Online2PDF is safe to use.

1. Online2PDF stated in their Data Protection page is that the files you upload are solely yours, and only you can convert, edit and finally, download them back to your computer. This website treats all your files as strictly confidential. Also, they will never reveal your documents to another party other than you, and nobody can see your files.

2. Once you have downloaded the converted files, all your documents will be deleted. Your files will be stored on their server for the time of PDF conversion. Also, Online2PDF has disclosed that your files will be available for only 60 seconds after converting.

Moreover, the users who have uploaded the file can access them to download for about 60 seconds, and after that, will delete your files completely and securely.

3. Online2PDF uses HTTPS secure connection line and only through this SSL, you can interact and transfer files with their servers. Also, HTTPS completely ensures the safety of your files with impossible to crack encryptions, and with this method, your files are secured throughout the editing and converting process.

Tips for Precautions

Though Online2PDF has taken all the precautionary steps to ensure the safety of your files, however, they did mention that it is not recommended to convert highly sensitive documents such as password lists and internal secret office files.

It is just a precaution because we have not found any case on the internet that people have lost their documents.


Online2PDF is a free tool for PDF files. But still, they take every essential step to protect your files. After 60 seconds of converting, your file will be gone completely.

Also, there is no apparent way that a third-party will spy on your data.

Except for the highly secret documents, you can use Online2PDF for converting and editing activities.

I hope the above discussions will answer your question, “Is Online2PDF safe to use?”

However, if we encounter any problems regarding Online2PDF, we will mention it in our post.

Also, if you have any difficulty with their safety issue, then comment below, and we will update our post with your experience.

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