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Are you looking for a PDF converter tool online? Well, we recommend choosing Online2PDF as it is one of the best free online PDF converter software.

It is like a Swiss army knife. You can use this tool for many PDF converting purposes.

The main feature is to convert any PDF to another file format.

Besides, you can use this free tool to edit, merge, or even unlock PDF files. It is free and easy to use.

Online2PDF converter performs all the editing and converting tasks efficiently without losing the page quality.

Online2PDF – The Best Online PDF Converter For Free

If you are looking for a simple and minimalist online PDF converter, then will be the best choice. It is fast, easy to use, and most importantly is it free.

We have tested this tool and found out it converts and lets you download the converted PDF files lighting fast.

No need to provide email, which is the most annoying part of online tools.

Online2PDF converter lets you convert multiple files with different formats. It also has a feature to edit and merge PDF files.

Moreover, you can download the merged and converted PDF to different MS Office as well as image format.


Features of Online2PDF Converter

Online2PDF converter is fast and supports almost all file formats. There is no set requires and all converting and editing works done online.

Also, the whole process takes a very short time.

Moreover, the user-interface is simple and compatible with beginners. Here are the complete features in detail.

Convert Any File to PDF Online Fast

PDF conversation is the basic feature of Online2PDF. It supports all standard file formats up to 100 MB. You can convert any kind of documents, images, Microsoft Office, OpenDocument, and website into PDF.

Also, it lets you convert multiple files at the same time.

However, recently, Online2PDF has added two new features.

Now you can convert scanned documents to searchable PDF. Also, if you need more protection over your documents, you can convert any file and create an image PDF.

Convert PDF to Different Files

Online2PDF converts both ways such as any file to PDF and PDF to different files. Currently, it supports all MS Office files such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Also, it converts PDF into the RTF file. Moreover, when you complete the conversion, you can open the files and edit them easily.

However, the optimum file size is 100 MB. And you can convert up to 100 PDF pages at once. But don’t worry, if you have more than 100 pages of PDF, then convert them several times.

The most interesting part is that you can upload multiple PDF files and convert them into different file formats such as one is to DOC, another is to Excel, and the other is to JPG.

However, Online2PDF lets you convert images to PDF. Also, this tool has advanced features such as recognizing Optical Character (OCR) in uploading files.

If you upload scanned documents where all the text is in image format, then you can run an optical character recognition (OCR) in the file and convert them correctly. However, in this case, the uploading file limit is 20 pages.

Merge Different Files to Single PDF

Online2PDF helps to merge two or more files to a single file. You can merge a maximum of 20 files at a time.  All files are added in the same order, in which you have uploaded the files.

Also, the user interfaces and file selection help to arrange your added files by Drag & Drop. Furthermore, if you want to merge a scanned document, here, you are able to merge them.

Again, you can merge, if you select 2 scanned documents that means you select double-sided pages and both sides have documents,

However, you can merge another way. You choose several files in the same file dialogue window by pressing the Ctrl key. Therefore, many files can be added fast and easily.

Also, Added files can be deleted easily, without having to start from the beginning.

Page Composition according to your wishes

Another interesting tool of online2PDF is page composition. This tool helps you to accumulate the pages of your file. Firstly, you can select a file, which consists of different pages. Secondly, click the red button on it.

Thirdly, define the text pages by entering the text number. As you want the final document.

And the sequence of the page numbers in the text box determines the real sequence in the produced PDF file.

In this process, you are capable to accumulate the pages of your document as your wishes.

Split single PDF file to different file

Online2PDF also helps you to split your PDF file into different parts. For splitting, select your PDF document and then click on the Split icon.

In the text field, you can define the text file parts by entering the order of the page number.

Also, you can separate each part with a vertical line or click on the ‘split file’ to insert a vertical line. Your final document will turn in a ZIP archive.

Also, this tool has advance features such as PDF page wizard. You can select the PDF page wizard to split the files with a simple click into the required pages.

When you don’t have to know the actual page number, just click on the yellow icon. Then, you can accumulate the PDF file according to your wishes.

Create a new page for each page

Online2PDF converts your pdf file to a single file. After upload, your desired file, just change the output format to “Create new PDF for each page.”

Later the conversion you will get a ZIP archive containing PDF files consisting of only one single page each.

Insert a PDF document inside another PDF document

If you want to insert pages from a PDF document into another PDF. Online2PDF also allows you with the help of the page composition.

For example, you have a 3 pages document ‘A’ and you want to add a document ‘B’ between pages 2 and 3 of document A.

Firstly, select document A and input ‘1-2’ into the text field. Secondly, select document B. finally, select document A once again and insert page 3.

Later the conversion you get a file containing: A (pages 1, 2), B (all), A (page 3).

Rotate different pdf pages

Another important tool of online2PDF is that rotate any number of pages in your PDF document. After selecting a file, you see a blue button with the rotation icon and click on it.

Now you can easily rotate the pages by entering the page number in the text field. You can rotate pages to the right, to the left, and to the upside-down.

Online2PDF has also updated features such as the PDF page wizard for rotation. You can select the PDF wizard to rotate the files with a simple click on the required pages.

When you don’t have to know the actual page number, just click on the wizard icon. Eventually, you can rotate the PDF pages according to your wishes.

Remove password and unlock PDF

Online2PDF has another surprising tool such as fast ‘PDF Unlock Tool.’

When your uploaded file has authentication protection such as printing, copying, and editing are locked, then this protection will be removed automatically and the PDF file will be unlocked.

However, when the PDF file is read-protected and requires a password for opening, then you need to know and enter the correct password.

On the other hand, the encrypted PDF document cannot be read and unlocked.

How to convert PDF file to MS offices including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats

To convert one or more documents from PDF to Word or other formats, firstly, choose the documents from your device. Secondly, click on the ‘convert to’ menu and choose the transformed format.

Finally, just click on convert and wait a few moments.

It has no required download your converted file. After conversion, your file will be downloaded automatically.

However, if you want to convert several files at the same time. All files are merged automatically. Eventually, they are converted to the selected transformed format.

Moreover, if you need to convert more files separately, then you have to select the option ‘Convert files separately’.

How to convert different format to PDF file format

To convert MS Office files (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many formats to PDF format, just select your document from your device. And, click on ‘Convert’.

After a few moments, your file will be converted into PDF file and downloaded automatically.

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Common Online2PDF Problems and Solutions

 1. The download does not start or I’m unable to find the converted file

All converted files are instantly downloaded and stored in the predefined download folder automatically. The download folder depends on your browser settings.

However, your files located at “C:\User\your name\Downloads”.

Moreover, if you can’t find this download folder: just wait a few moments until the link “Manual download” appears.

Eventually, by right-clicking on this link you can use the “save as” option to save your file.

2. Some fonts are missing in the converted PDF

Only recognized fonts of windows and MS-Office are supported and your own fonts are lost. When you are using your own fonts, which are not available in windows and MS-Office.

These fonts are not visible during conversion. However, you can insert these fonts apparently in your document.

3. After the conversion from PDF to Word or PowerPoint, the text is not editable.

When your text is an image or the whole PDF is a scanned document, later the conversion of the text is not editable. In this situation, an optical character recognition (OCR) in images is necessary.

So, choose the OCR tool prior to the conversion and select the language of the text in your document.


Final thought, online2PDF is like an all in one PDF converting tool. You can use this tool to convert, edit, unlock, merge, and many more.

Also, you can export PDF files to various formats.

It has no required email, visa card, and also it is free. If you are looking best free online PDF converter tool?  Online2PDF converter is one of the best choices.

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