Top 5 Compression Tools That Can Be Helpful

Advancements in technology have allowed us to store and transfer terribly large files rather easily. However, it should be noted that the size of files still matters. Take the example of an advanced computer system with Terabytes of storage space, but there will be limitations as well. You can’t store everything you want, at some time the hard disk of said computer system will run out of storage space.

The above statement brings us to a very important question, “How to store a larger number of files in the storage hardware?”. The answer is quite simple, you need to compress the media and files to make sure that you don’t run out of storage space even after storing a humongous number of a wide variety of files including audio, video, image, Word, and PDF files.

If you want to compress files and make it easier for yourself to store and transfer files easily, it is important to know the tools that can help you compress media and files effectively.

We have put together a list of compression tools to help you in this regard. Make sure you read this article till the very end to know all the important things we have discussed below:

1. Image Compressor

The advent of high-resolution smart cameras has made it easier for everyone to take HD photos. These cameras are made to make sure that not a single detail in the scene gets compromised until the photographer wants to focus on a specific part of the scene. However, the problem arises when it comes to the storage and transfer of these large-sized images in bulk.

Even the storage hardware with several hundreds of GB storage fails to provide sufficient space to store such files. Some images can even go up to 20 GB or even more. You need to use a tool that can compress image sizes so that those images can be stored or shared easily. Now it would be confusing for you which photo compressor you should use that cannot compromise on the quality of pictures. So the one that is suggested can be accessed through the link: This online image compressor can compress photo sizes as many times as you want. Also, it will not compromise on the quality.

2. PDF Compressor

The PDF file format is excessively used to share information through email platforms or any other medium. However, when it comes to sharing files using various mediums, you may come across a few restrictions regarding the allowed file size. For instance, you can’t share a file that is larger than 25 MBs by using email, whether you are using Outlook, Gmail, or any other platform. You need to compress PDF file sizes to make it sharable through email and other mediums. This compression is possible with the help of a reliable PDF compressor. Don’t spend money on the subscription of paid tools for this purpose. You can easily find a reliable PDF compressor online via link: It will help you reduce PDF size without compromising their quality, and you won’t have to pay anything to use this tool.

3. Bulk File Compressor

While the PDF compressor is available to compress PDF files specifically. There are tools like WinRAR that can be used for the compression of bulk files. Such a tool is used to create a zip folder that features all the files to be compressed. When you want to store files in the compressed form, you can keep files in the compressed folder.

Similarly, if you want to share bulk files of larger size than the allowed limit, you can take the help bulk file compressor tool. Once you have all the files in the compressed folder, you can send them by using email or any other medium to the receiver. Once the receiver received the compressed folder, he can use the same tool to decompress the folder and get the files without any loss of data.

4. Audio Compressor

Like all the other types of files, audio files can come in a larger size as well. You may need to store numerous files in a storage device. It is better to have audio files encoded in MP3 format, as it is specifically designed to reduce the size of Audio files.

In case, if you still need to compress files further, then you have the option of using an online audio compressor available for this purpose. Furthermore, such a tool allows you to opt for the sound quality you want in the audio file. Hence, the compression of audio files occurs according to your desire.

5. Video Compressor

Like an audio compressor, there are video compressors available as well to help you reduce the size of video files you want to store in your storage hardware or transfer to any other computer system. If you want to reduce the size of video files, simply search for the video compressor online.

Once you find a reliable tool for the compression of video files, upload the video file you want to compress to the tool. The tool will ask you about the output video codec and the target file size you want in the form of output. Input the details according to your requirements and let the tool do the rest.

End Words!

Sometimes the compression of media and data files becomes necessary. You need to be aware of the tools you need to reduce the size of files to make them suitable for storage or transfer. We have discussed a few tools above to help you in this regard. We hope you will find this information useful and keep it in your mind whenever you come across the situation of limited storage space or file transfer restrictions.

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