FRP Bypass Tecno Pova – How to Unlock Google Account Lock

Are you looking for a simple method to FRP bypass Tecno Pova? Well, in this post, we will share the complete tutorial on the Tecno Pova FRP bypass without PC.

It is common for most Tecno Pova users to forget their Google email and password because many people don’t need to log in more than once.

So after using this device for a long time, you can easily forget the password. However, when you perform a factory reset, then you have to log in to your Tecno Pova using the same Gmail ID.

In that case, if you cannot remember the exact email and password, Google will lock your phone because of FRP.

To unlock FRP bypass Tecno Pova, you have to use any bypassing tool or method. Here, we will show you the simple and effective technique for the Tecno Pova FRP bypass.

FRP Bypass Tecno Pova Phone without PC

After releasing the Android Lollipop 5.1, Google has provided a new security system known as FRP to protect your device and information.

If you forget your Google account info and need to log in to your Tecno Pova phone, you need to bypass the FRP lock.

Also, after performing the factory reset, the Google FRP lock will be initiated, and you have to type the email and password you have used before.

So if you fail to remember the correct email and password, you have to unlock or remove the Google account lock from your Tecno Pova smartphone.

We have shared how to bypass Tecno Pova FRP and recover a Google account from another device in this post.

Also, we will introduce FRP bypass APK and unlock FRP without OTG. But first, let’s check out what Google FRP is?

What is the Tecno Pova FRP Bypass?

Factory Reset Protection

, known as FRP, is a security feature on Android smartphones provided by Google.

It is working from Android version 5.1 to the current Android version.

Once registered a Google account on Tecno Pova, the FRP is enabled automatically.

When your device has been Factory Reset in an untrusted environment, the FRP lock has been activated.

In this case, to unlock Tecno Pova FRP lock, you need to sign in with a Google account that is logged in previously on the device.

If you fail to sign in or forget the password, then the phone will be FRP locked.

In such a situation, you need to know how to bypass Google account verification FRP on Tecno Pova. If you encounter the same problem, the article is for you.

However, if you log out of your Google account before the Factory Reset and remove the entire Google account, follow the tutorial below.

FRP Bypass Tecno Smartphone

How to FRP Bypass Tecno Pova?

Here, we will share how to bypass the Google account verification lock on Tecno Pova. So, keep reading the complete article and find out the best solution.

As you know before, when you want to delete the complete information of the Tecno Pova by using Factory Data Reset, the FRP lock is activated automatically.

Now you can unlock the Google account that you registered previously.

If you do not remember the Google account or password or buy an old phone from a third party, you will face big trouble.

In this case, the Tecno Pova has become useless.

If you encounter such a situation, don’t worry. Fortunately, we have found the easiest, safest, and legal methods to Tecno Pova FRP bypass.

In the below post, we will share a few efficient methods to unlock FRP bypass Tecno Pova. So, let’s have a look at the below.

Tecno Pova FRP Bypass: Recover your Google Account

Recovering a Google account is the first and the best method to complete the Factory Reset.

Before trying to FRP bypass Tecno Pova, you can recover your Email ID or password from another device or using the computer.

Also, you can set an alternate email or number for the account you want to recover.

Google will send a verification code; you can easily set a new password for your Google account by inserting a verification code.

After resetting your password, it will take 24 to 72 hours to sync the new password with all devices registered to the account.

Once synced, you can perform a factory data reset by providing an email and a new password. By following this method, you can factory reset your Tecno Pova without bypassing FRP.

However, if you provide the wrong password in this process, the time will restart for the next 24-72 hours to sync.

So, be careful when entering email and password on the device.

To complete the whole procedure, you need to connect your Tecno Pova to a network and be powered up for the time being.

Warning: We strongly prohibit using our methods on stealing Tecno Pova or someone else’s device. You are allowed to use our techniques only to your Tecno Pova FRP bypass or unlock.

Tecno Pova FRP Bypass without PC

Are you looking for bypassing Google account verification FRP on Tecno Pova? Well, you are in the right place.

Here, we will discuss how to Tecno Pova FRP bypass.

When performing a factory reset on the Tecno Pova, wait until it reboots and prompts you to choose a language.

After selecting, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1: Connect the Tecno Pova device to the Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: A page will appear, ask you for the Google account.

Step 3: Now tap on the text box until the keyboard appears.

Step 4: Click and hold on the “@” button until it pops up in the setting menu.

Step 5: You need to select Google keyboard layout. So, check it and confirm the Google keyboard layout.

Step 6: You will see three dots on the upper right side of the screen or more; click on it.

Step 7: After opening a new page, select the “Help & Feedback” option.

Step 8: Once opened a new dialogue, click on search and send the result from your keyboard.

Step 9: Now you will see a guide on doing this; just neglect it

Step 10: Click and hold any word from on your screen. The word will be highlighted in blue color.

Step 11: Afterward, click on the “Web Search” option located at the top of the right-side corner.

Step 12: Now, you can see a new page that helps you to select the next step to go. Click on the Google App; it will show results from the web for the word that you have just Googled.

Step 13: You will find a search box located upper center of the page. Type “setting” in the search bar and click the search button.

Step 14: Now, you will get a system settings icon on the home page. Click on the following steps: system setting icon > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset.

Step 15: This will prompt resetting the device to factory settings. After completing the reset procedure, you can see the welcome page of the Tecno Pova.

Step 16: Now, connect your device to your Wi-Fi network again. If you can do it successfully, then you do not need to insert a previous Google account; instead, the phone will ask you to add a new Google account.

Step 17: Enter a new Google account, and then the Tecno Pova will be ready to use.

This is how you can bypass FRP on Tecno Pova. These steps will help you to unlock the FRP lock and Google account.

However, like Tecno Pova, you can bypass Google lock on Android smartphones with Android version 5.1 and higher.

Remove Google Account Verification with the App

FRP Bypass APK, an Android application, is used to lock Google FRP on Tecno Pova.

With the APK, you can easily remove Google account verification without a password. The method is 100% free, safe, and easy to use.

Using FRP Bypass APK, you can bypass FRP lock on not only Tecno Pova but also unlock any brand of Android mobile from version 5.1 to the current Android version.

So, you can choose FRP bypass APK to unlock FRP on Tecno Pova.

If you cannot recover your Google account, which is signed in to your Tecno Pova, in this case, FRP Bypass APK will come in handy.

The application removes the Google account efficiently.

Here we will share how to remove Google account Verification using FRP Bypass APK on Tecno Pova with the download link.

The article is for you to unlock Google lock on Tecno Pova using FRP Bypass APK.

We have managed to share an efficient guideline in the below post. So, check the given steps carefully and do it as well.

Step 1: Go to the official website and download the APK file or click on the below link:

Download the latest FRP Bypass APK

Step 2: After completing the download APK file, copy the APK file to a flash drive or USB drive.

Step 3: Connect the flash drive and Tecno Pova through an OTG cable. It will pull up a file explorer directly from your device.

Step 4: Now, you have to install the app on your smartphone. Before installing, you need to turn on the unknown source option.

Step 5: Once finished with the installation procedure, click on the app to open and go to the settings menu.

Step 6: Here, you will see the “Backup and Reset” option; click on it.

Step 7: Tap on the Factory Data Reset button, and then click on confirm menu.

Step 8: Within a few moments, the app will remove Google account verification without a password.

Step 9: After completing all procedures, you need to restart your device and go through the welcome page.

Step 10: Here, you can add a new Google account or skip the option to set it up later.

This is all about unlocking factory reset protection on Tecno Pova using FRP Bypass APK. The method is simple; a beginner can efficiently operate it.

However, if you face any problem in the FRP issue, we recommended seeking a professional to solve the problem.

Tecno Pova FRP Bypass Without OTG

Bypassing FRP on Tecno Pova without OTG is another popular method. With this process, you can unlock the FRP Google account without using a OTG cable.

If you want to Tecno Pova FRP bypass without using an OTG cable, you have to have an internet connection to your smartphone.

To FRP bypass Tecno Pova without OTG, you can follow the given steps below.

Step 1: Connect the device to a network.

Step 2: When you find the FRP tool screen, click on the settings menu on the keyboard.

Step 3: Here, you will see the help and feedback option; tap on it.

Step 4: Now, type any word before clicking the share option.

Step 5: Afterward, select messaging > create a new message > type any number on the “To” section.

Step 6: Click on the contacts icon.

Step 7: Now tap on the “Call” icon and choose new call options. You will get a dial pad; press #*#4636#*#.

Step 8: Click on the usage statistics option, and then press the back button. The Settings menu will reappear shortly.

Step 9: Finally, select the backup and reset option and click on the factory data reset. Within a few minutes, you have successfully removed FRP on Tecno Pova using the FRP tool.

This is how you can FRP bypass Tecno Pova without OTG. So, you can use this FRP tool if you want to remove Google account verification without using a OTG cable.

How to Deactivate Tecno Pova FRP Lock

In this section, we will share another option that is easy to follow to deactivate the FRP lock on Tecno Pova.

After creating a Google Account on Tecno Pova, the Factory Reset Protection is enabled automatically.

However, if you don’t want to lockout from your Tecno Pova in the future, you need to deactivate the FRP in case you forget your Google ID.

Also, you can easily deactivate your Google account, which is synced on your smartphone. Afterwards, bypass the FRP lock efficiently.

This method will protect you from any setback after starting the factory reset on Tecno Pova. To deactivate FRP, you can follow the below steps.

  • Click on the Settings icon; navigate to and open accounts.
  • Select Google, and then click on your Google account from the list.
  • You can see the three dots menu; click on it to open.
  • A dialogue box will appear; here, you get the “Remove Account” option and click on it.

That’s it; your Tecno Pova is completed the deactivate process. Therefore, the method is the easiest way to FRP bypass Tecno Pova.


Bypassing Google verification is not an illegal process because when you are working the factory reset process, you do not remember your Google account or password or buy an old phone from a third party.

In this situation, if you do not bypass the FRP lock, then the Tecno Pova becomes useless. That’s why FRP bypass Tecno Pova is matter to you.

In the above, we have shared a few practical technics about the Tecno Pova FRP bypass; you can follow any one of these methods.

If one method is not working accurately, then you can try another way of the above procedure. In this case, Trendy Webz will not be responsible; we try hard to find the best solution for FRP bypass Tecno Pova.

Apart from the above methods, you can remove the Google FRP lock by using a computer.

However, if you find another way that works perfectly on FRP bypass Tecno Pova, then let’s inform in the comment box. Then, we will update it on this post.

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