How to Hard Reset Tecno Pova

This is the complete guide on how to hard reset Tecno Pova. If you are looking for the tutorial on Tecno Pova hard reset step by step instructions, read the following sections.

Here, we have explained all details about what it is, prerequisites, complete process, pros, and cons. Also, we have added many FAQ to answer your questions related to the hard reset methods.

How to Hard Reset Tecno Pova Smartphone

Is your Tecno Pova smartphone malfunctioning? Well, if your answer is yes, then you have to hard reset your device.

Hard reset is not such technical stuff; it is a simple method to fix damaged, faulty, or unresponsive smartphone.

If you want to hard reset the Tecno Pova smartphone but do not know how to do it, then you are in the right place.

From this post, you will get all instructions on how to hard reset Tecno Pova mobile phone along with a warning and safety notice.

Before sharing the step-by-step guides, let’s check out a few basics related to resetting your device.

How to Hard Reset Tecno Smartphone

What is Hard Reset Tecno Pova?

Tecno Pova hard reset is the process of hardware reset or rebooted to its original system settings.

It erases all the memory-related with the hardware and updates the different parts of the Tecno Pova with the latest versions.

You can only perform this action when you need to repair your damaged or malfunctioning Tecno Pova smartphone.

When you hard reset your Tecno Pova handset, the process will delete all files, data, media, settings, passwords, and applications from the memory of your device.

Though hard reset and factory reset are both similar terms, these are not the same.

Why do you need to Hard Reset Tecno Pova?

You will need to hard reset your Tecno Pova if you plan to sell your device and want to delete all data.

Hard reset will remove all files, settings, passwords, applications, and user data from your phone’s internal storage.

If your device is slow and unresponsive, a hard reset is the first method to fix and repair the phone.

Besides, this process can fix a specific app that is frequently crashing. To remove the virus and faulty app, a hard reset is the best solution.

Moreover, if your Tecno Pova smartphone has hanging and freezing issues, you can hard reset the device to speed up the performance.

Users often forget the pattern, lock code, or password of their Tecno Pova smartphone. To unlock the device, a hard reset is a primary technique.

Is Tecno Pova Hard Reset Safe?

Yes, a hard reset on Tecno Pova is completely safe. There is no risk, and the users can perform this task anytime.

With a few clicks and presses on your device’s hardware and software, anyone can perform the hard reset.

However, a hard reset on Tecno Pova will erase everything such as custom device settings, third party apps and files, and user data, including log info from the internal storage.

So before performing the hard reset, you should back up the essential files and data somewhere safe.

What is the Use of Hard Reset Tecno Pova?

Knowing the primary benefits of the Tecno Pova hard reset is crucial, especially for new users. If you are fully aware of this method, you can take the complete advantages. Here are few benefits of hard reset on this device.

  • Keeping a fresh memory and maintaining the clean app library
  • Deleting user data like passwords, PIN, credit card numbers, and personal photos before selling your Tecno Pova
  • Removing malfunctioning apps and unnecessary files and data
  • Troubleshooting Tecno Pova smartphone
  • Fixing slow and unresponsive device
  • Repairing hanging and freezing issues
  • Resetting the pattern, lock code, and password

Steps to Hard Reset Tecno Pova

How do I hard reset my Tecno Pova? Well, we have discussed all the necessary steps about the hard reset technique below.

The following tutorial will describe how you perform a hard reset on your Tecno Pova by hardware keys. After resetting, your device will be fresh and run faster.

If you are a beginner and attempt to hard reset your phone the first time, read the complete steps below and follow the instructions carefully.

Step 1: Charge the Tecno Pova phone battery at least 60% capacity.

Step 2: Switch off your Tecno Pova smartphone.

Step 3: Now, hold down the “Volume Down + Power Key” buttons for a few seconds until the screen goes dark.

Step 4: When your display disappears and turns dark, press the “Volume Up + Power” buttons for a few seconds.

Step 5: When you see the “Brand Logo,” release all your device buttons, and you will see a dark screen with many options.

Step 6: In this phase, use the “Volume up/down” buttons to choose the option and click on the “Wipe data/factory reset” option from the menu.

Step 7: Use the “Power” key to accept or enter into the option.

Step 8: Choose “Yes” from the drop-down menu and push the “Power” button once.

Step 9: Select the “Reboot system now” with the “Power” key button.

Step 10: Now, your Tecno Pova smartphone will start the restoring process to default without your password, pattern, or PIN.

That’s it; your Tecno Pova smartphone is completed the hard reset process. However, during this process, all data will be wiped out from your phone.

So if you have essential files and media on your device, you should copy the data and backup them safely.


Performing a hard reset on the Tecno Pova smartphone deletes all personal, and user data, including pictures, videos, and music saved to your internal storage.

So please make sure to back up your information before performing a hard reset on the phone.

These hard reset procedures are for general and educational purposes only. If you have not enough knowledge about hard reset, we recommend consulting with the technicians.

However, Trendy Webz will not be responsible if you damage your phone using these guides. So proceed at your own risk.

Tecno Pova Hard Reset Pros and Cons


  • Performing a hard reset on Tecno Pova will make it faster by deleting unwanted data and files.
  • Restoring the device to the factory settings if you have accidentally modified any option
  • Troubleshooting the issue and fix your device if you have any problem with your Tecno Pova
  • Clearing up storage and making up a lot of free space to speed up your phone
  • Unlocking your Tecno Pova by removing user settings
  • Solving system and software issue


  • Losing essential files accidentally while deleting saved data from the internal storage
  • Deleting saved settings, WiFi passwords, preferences, and more
  • Losing personal data and files

Tecno Pova Hard Reset FAQ

The users search different queries about the Tecno Pova hard reset. Here are the common questions we have answered below.

1. How long does it take to Hard Reset Tecno Pova?

It will take a minimum of 10 seconds to a maximum of 20 minutes to hard reset on your Tecno Pova smartphone, depending on how fast your device is and how many files it needs to delete.

2. Will a Hard Reset Delete Everything on my Tecno Pova?

Yes, a hard reset on your Tecno Pova will remove all data, files, documents, media, photo gallery, personal information, and settings from your smartphone.

It will also delete all kinds of passwords, PINs, passcodes, pattern lock, and other stuff you have stored on your phone.

3. Can Hard Reset Damage your Tecno Pova Smartphone?

No, a hard reset will not damage your Tecno Pova smartphone. A hard reset is necessary when your Tecno Pova mobile is unresponsive and slow. Also, it will clear the cache and files from your internal storage.

4. What does a Hard Reset do to your Tecno Pova?

The hard reset on your Tecno Pova will restore the phone to its original operating system like the fresh one when you have bought the brand new phone.

It also deletes everything from personal information to all settings added by the users, including media and files.

5. What Happens After a Hard Reset on your Tecno Pova?

The hard reset on your Tecno Pova will erase all your files and data, including saved personal information from the phone. After deleting all data and clearing up the internal storage, it will make your phone faster.

6. Does Hard Reset Delete Everything (Photos and Data) from Tecno Pova?

Yes, the hard reset deletes everything like photos, media, data, personal ID, and passwords from your Tecno Pova.

You should make a copy of all essential data and backup to a safe drive for safety.

These are all info about how to hard reset the Tecno Pova smartphone. We have discussed everything, including the hard reset procedure.

Also, you will find many frequently asked questions to clear your confusion and curiosity. However, if you have any questions, then you can comment below.

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