What is VPN and why do I Need it?

The elaboration of VPN is a virtual private network. A VPN creates a secure private connection to another network over the public internet. It allows you to share and receive data through a private link. The method is simple. At first, VPN masks your IP address and creates a secure and private encrypted tunnel over public networks then start routing internet traffic and data.

What is VPN?

Because of security and online privacy issues, internet users are more interested to use a safe VPN. It is using VPN now a necessary utility because it offers personal data security, hiding your identity and locations. Also, VPN enables to browse the internet anonymously and unblocks geolocation-restricted contents. Ultimately, it helps to connect cross-country networks overcoming the geo lock.

What is VPN

Why do I Need a VPN Service?

A VPN service creates a safety net for users and makes a barricade for the third party who is prying on your device. It extends a strong encrypted private network that protects your internet traffic and data. Here are three reasons why you need a VPN.

  • Browse anonymously: Hiding IP address and location are the essential functions of any good VPN. When you connect to a VPN, it will mask your IP, and the public IP will show from a different location. This way will confuse the hacker and protect your identity.
  • Encrypt network tunnel: If you use a VPN service, it will create a private network tunnel using encryption that will make virtually impossible to hack. It is excellent news for people who have to involve in high profile transactions and transfer secret files.
  • Secure public and home Wi-Fi: Maximum public network is unsafe and puts it at a high risk of hacking. Also, public Wi-Fi is vulnerable all the time. But if you connect to the VPN, the Wi-Fi connection will get secure instantly. These are the top reasons why you need a VPN service.

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