Download Tomato VPN for PC – Windows 11/10

Download Tomato VPN for PC (Windows 11/10) free the latest version to unblock web content, browse anonymously, and hide your IP. Tomato VPN | VPN Proxy – is one of the top VPN tools, which is a 100% safe and lightning-fast virtual private network application.

Tomato VPN | VPN Proxy lets you browse the internet anonymously, secure your Wi-Fi connection, and hide IP address. Here we are going to publish the latest Tomato VPN for PC free download for Windows 11/10.

What is Tomato VPN for PC, and how it Works?

Known as the “100% free (better than a paid VPN), fast, unlimited, stable and useful VPN (Virtual Private Network),” Tomato VPN creates a high speed, stable, and secure virtual private network so that you can connect to the internet safely.

Tomato VPN | VPN Proxy works by routing your mobile or computer’s internet connection through their private servers instead of your ISP’s. So, the data will be transmitted via the Tomato VPN server rather than your PC. Free VPN Tomato acts as a private intermediary tunnel when you connect to the internet by hiding your actual IP and thereby protect your identity.

Tomato VPN is a secure private network that comes with military-grade encryption that lets you navigate public, business, and school networks safely.

Download Free VPN Tomato for PC

It is super-fast and offering a secure private network tunnel. Now it is one of the best VPN apps for Android in the Google Play Store.

Tomato VPN | VPN Proxy has a simple interface, and no configuration is needed to start. A 100% secure proxy VPN comes with a malicious site-blocking feature.

Why do You Need Tomato VPN for Windows 11/10?

Tomato VPN | VPN Proxy is a mobile app, and it is one of the popular premium VPN with higher Google Play Store ratings. You can easily download and use it on Android devices.

Most of the Windows VPN is premium, and it is difficult to find any good free VPN. However, you can use the Tomato VPN | VPN Proxy on your computer, just like your Android device, using an Android emulator.

Besides, many users may have already bought the Tomato VPN yearly premium subscriptions for their Android mobile. So, if you download Tomato VPN for Windows 11/10, then you can use it on your PC, too, and you do not need to buy another VPN.

That is why many users want to download Tomato VPN PC version for Windows 11/10. Here we have shared all the details about how you can download and use Tomato VPN on your computer.

Tomato VPN for PC

Most of the VPN apps are created for Android devices only. However, that does not mean you cannot use the Android app on Windows computer or laptop. Here we have discussed several methods to use Tomato VPN for PC, including Windows.

You can use Tomato VPN | VPN Proxy on PC operating in Windows by using an Android emulator. Like the Android app, the Tomato VPN for Windows 11/10 version works similarly with the user-friendly interface.

Tomato VPN for PC will offer military-grade encryption that will keep your traffic data safe and hide your IP as well as the physical address from the hackers and snoopers.

With one tap, Tomato VPN PC will provide access to all your favorite online content free by creating a private network and keep you anonymous.

How to Download Tomato VPN for PC?

Here we will discuss how to free download Tomato VPN for PC -Windows 11/10 systematically. Tomato VPN | VPN Proxy has only an Android app. With an Android emulator such as BlueStacks, MEmu Play, or NoxPlayer, you can use this app on your PC too.

Free Download Tomato VPN for Windows 11/10 with BlueStacks

BlueStacks App Player is one of the top Android emulators that is made to simulate Android applications to run on Windows. Commonly known to play Android games on PC with full screen, BlueStacks can run any app on PC frame by frame with high resolution.

Now you can easily use Tomato VPN for Windows 11/10 with BlueStacks App Player. Here we are going to share how to download Tomato VPN for Windows PC with BlueStacks.

Besides, Tomato VPN | VPN Proxy supports Windows 11/10. To download Tomato VPN for Windows, follow the below instructions.

Click on the below link to download the BlueStacks App Player PC version.

Download BlueStacks App Player for Windows 11/10

Now go to your PC’s “Download” folder and find the BlueStacks Exe file. Double click on the setup file and follow the installation process. The file size is large, so the installation will take a while to complete. Wait a few minutes while BlueStacks is installing on your Windows computer and do not close the running program.

After the installation is completed, click to open BlueStacks Player wait few minutes. Like installation, it takes a few minutes to open the software, depending on your computer configuration.

When the dashboard comes, navigate to the home page, and you will see the Google Play Store icon. Play Store is preinstalled on the BlueStacks dashboard. Now click on the Play Store icon and log in using your Google ID or any Play Store account.

Now type “Tomato VPN” in the Play Store search bar, and you must see “Tomato VPN | VPN Proxy” at the beginning.

Click on the “Install” button, and Tomato VPN will be installed on the BlueStacks emulator. Besides, you will see the shortcut icon on the BlueStacks home page and another similar one on your desktop as well.

Download Tomato VPN for PC with MEmu Play

MEmu Play is the perfect Android emulator to run smartphone apps on computer. It is simpler and better. MEmu is secure and free to use. It compliances with the GDPR and protects your personal information private. Without getting slow, MEmu Play provides seamless Android experiences on PC.

MEmu emulator lets you download Tomato VPN for PC. Not only this app, but also you can use any Android app with MEmu. Now we are going to publish how to download Tomato VPN for PC using MEmu Play.

Before downloading Tomato VPN, first, you need to download and install the MEmu emulator if you have not installed it on your PC. Here is the complete process for you.

  • Download MEmu Play emulator from this page
  • Install and launch MEmu emulator App Player on your PC
  • Navigate to MEmu Play home page and click on the Google Play Store app
  • In the search bar, type “Tomato VPN,” and hit the search button
  • Click on the “Tomato VPN | VPN Proxy” app and hit the install button.
  • Now log in using your Play Store or Google account ID and password.
  • Then download the Tomato VPN app on the emulator and click to install it.
  • Within a few seconds, the installation process will complete.

How to Use Tomato VPN for PC?

  • After installing Tomato VPN on Windows 11/10 PC, click to “Open.”
  • Click “Continue to app” option from the upper-middle of the screen.
  • Click “GO” button to activate the Tomato VPN.
  • After connecting, it will shows 1 hour 48 minutes before disconnecting.
  • To add more free time, you need to watch ads. If you want to add more time, click to “Add more time” option. Otherwise, click “Later” option.
  • In the dashboard, you will see the timer and the connected country. If you watch 1 more ad, you will get another 36 minutes free time. You can continue this process.
  • To change servers, click the country flag from the upper-right corner and choose one from the free tags.
  • After using Tomato VPN, click the big red “Cross” button to disconnect the VPN.

Popular VPN App for PC:

Pricing – In-app Products

Tomato VPN for PC offers free VPN proxy service as long as you want. That means you can enjoy high-speed VPN, fastest, and premium VPN service free.

You do not need to provide credit card information. However, the free version will show ads. Tomato VPN offers a premium VPN package at a small price. Moreover, the paid version comes with more servers worldwide, super speed, and ads free.

File Information

  • APK Name: Tomato VPN | VPN Proxy
  • Updated on: Apr 8, 2024
  • Latest Version: 2.88.22
  • Developer Credit: IronMeta Studio
  • Number of Downloads: 50M+
  • Google Play Store ratings: 4.5/5
  • Number of Reviews: 762k+
  • Category: Tools
  • App Pricing: Contains Ads and Offers in-app purchases

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Tomato VPN Features

Are you looking for a free VPN with features like a paid VPN? Then, VPN Tomato is the best free VPN providing fast, unlimited, and stable access to restricted content anonymously.

Free VPN

Tomato VPN is a free VPN that provides premium services, including unlimited bandwidth, super-fast speed, and reliable network. However, the free version contains advertisements that may annoy some users.

Simple User Interface

You can connect Tomato VPN with one tap only. It offers unlimited speed, and it has no usage time restrictions. Also, it doesn’t require a credit card or additional permissions.

Servers in 60+ Countries

Using Tomato VPN, you can connect to servers of 60+ countries, including the US, Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Russia, UK, Japan, etc.

Unlimited Access to Sites

With Tomato VPN, you can access any blocked site or bypass government censorship to access social networks or any websites anywhere.

Fast and Secure

When you use Tomato VPN, your IP and location will be masked, and your browsing history can no longer be tracked on the Internet.

Tomato VPN does not keep any log, and there are no DNS leaks. Tomato VPN will guard your privacy and public Wi-Fi network. It also connects you to the nearest fastest server automatically.

Protection while using an Insecure Network

Tomato VPN Secures your device while connected to public WiFi or cellular data networks. VPN Tomato uses high technology to encrypt your network traffic.

Apps Bypass Settings

You can allow specific apps to use the VPN network and others to use the original network.

Download Tomato VPN for Android

Tomato VPN is a free VPN proxy for Android devices to unblock the web content and to browse anonymously through a secure private network. No matter which smartphone you have bought, you can use the Tomato VPN as long as your device has an Android operating system.

However, every VPN app requires a standard Android version, which is listed in the file information section. Update your phone Android version if you have any difficulty downloading and installing Tomato VPN.

There is no need to download the APK; instead, you can install the Tomato VPN directly from Google Play Store. This process will save some space on the internal storage.

If you want to use Tomato VPN for Android smartphones along with your PC, then you are in the right place. Click the below link and download Tomato VPN for Android from Play Store.

Tomato VPN Download from Play Store


Download Tomato VPN for PC if you want to use a VPN on your Windows 11/10. With an Android emulator, you will get superior virtual private network experiences. Also, the multiple servers around the globe facilitate military-grade security and traffic encryption. As soon as you connect, Tomato VPN will provide ultra-fast speeds for blazing-fast connections.

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