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SendSpace is a freemium file hosting and sharing website to transfer large documents. The maximum single file size is 10 GB, and the direct download limit is 300 GB. It is one of the best file sharing websites online. Here you will find the full SendSpace reviews, features, and pricing.

What is SendSpace?

SendSpace is a web service to host, send, receive, track, and share big files. It offers an email option along with a direct download URL to transfer files. Apart from sharing, the users can store files in their account. The file will be deleted if not downloaded for 30 days in a free package.

SendSpace Reviews

SendSpace Features

File sharing

File sharing is the basic feature of SendSpace. Like any other file sharing website, it transfers any kind of file format. From documents to images and photos, you can send anything via SendSpace.

Send big files

It offers to send large files online. The free users can share up to 300 MB files while the premium users can share up to 5 GB for a single file. It is one of the top file sharing sites to send big files.

Drag and drop file upload

SendSpace has a drag and drops file uploading system. Apart from uploading files by clicking the “Browse” button, you can simply drag the documents and hit upload.

Password protection feature for premium users

Open download links are not safe because anybody can browse your free link and download the file. However, it provides a password protection feature only for premium packages.

When you send a password-protected file, the only receiver with the link address and password can download the file.

Email sharing option

Apart from the direct download link, SendSpace lets you add the recipient’s email address to download the file via mail. When you upload a file, you will see the email sharing option below the upload box.

Now type the recipient’s email address and click the send button. The recipient will get an email notification with the download link.

The download page contains advertisements

Containing advertisements is the cons of the free packages. You will see many illicit and malicious ads along with legit ones. Often, it is difficult to find the actual download button.

Also, many ads redirect to suspicious websites. Whenever open SendSpace website, there is a notification bar popping at the upper left corner.

If you allow it, then it will randomly show various notifications including annoying advertisements. Also, it may download and install a malicious program on your computer.

However, blocking the notification can prevent the whole security problem. Now it’s your choice.

Social media sharing

SendSpace offers not only a direct download link and email option but also provides social media sharing features. Now you can share the file through various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Cloud storage option

If you are looking for a cloud storage feature along with the sharing option, then you can choose SendSpace. Though it provides 30-days short-term storage, it will be enough for completing the transferring task.

Free and premium package

SendSpace has both free and premium file sharing packages based on the workload. If you need to transfer small files up to 300 MB with a 30-days storage limit, then the free version could be enough.

However, for business and enterprise, it has premium packages which include a higher file size limit and unlimited storage.

Ad-free option for premium users

You can always upgrade to get SendSpace ad-free version. The premium download links have no advertisements on the download pages.

It is secure and the ads will not bother anymore.


SendSpace Pricing

SendSpace has 4 packages: Free, Pro Base, Pro Plus, and Business. The free plan has file limitation up to 300 MB and 30 days storage limit.

The Pro Base price is $7.42 per month, and users can upload a single file up to 5 GB. Storage validity is a lifetime.

SendSpace also offers a Pro Plus plan for $16.58 per month. Every Pro Plus user can upload a single file as big as 10 GB.

Besides, there is unlimited lifetime storage for documents.

For Business plan, you can send 10 GB each file size with unlimited life time storage for $33.50.


  • Free: $0
  • Pro Base: $7.42
  • Pro Plus: $16.58
  • Business: $33.50

SendSpace Tools

Offers free desktop software for Windows, Mac OS X 10.5+, and Linux.

How to Send a File via SendSpace?

Drag or browse the file from the device, type the recipient email address (option) and click the “Upload” button. Now copy and share the download link.

The receiver can download the files by clicking the link. Also, the users can store the file in their account.

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About SendSpace

  • Name:
  • Title: Free large file hosting. Send Big Files the easy ways.
  • Tagline: Send, Receive, Track & Share Your Big Files
  • Start Operation: 2005


  • Legit and established file transfer website
  • Send big files and documents
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Fast upload and download speed


  • The download page contains various types of advertisements, along with suspicious ones.  Often, the ads disguise as the download button or look-alike real.
  • Difficult to distinguish the real download button
  • Show random pop-ups

SendSpace FAQ

1. Is SendSpace safe to use?

From our experiences, we have found that SendSpace is safe to use; it is a decent file sharing website like others. The file transferring model is simple; you upload file to SendSpace, share the download link to the other user, and they can download the file using your shared links.

However, the download page contains advertisements some users may find annoying; on the other hand, the ads look-a-like the real download button. So you have to be careful while downloading the original files.

2. Is SendSpace a virus?

No, SendSpace is not a virus; it is a file hosting and file sharing website that allows you to send large files. However, because of push notification ads, some users tend to identify them as a virus. Also, Often, it shows annoying and repetitive push ads to the users. So, you should be careful while browse SendSpace and of course, do not allow push notification ads.

3. How do I upload a file to SendSpace?

Go to SendSpace website, click on the “Browse” button and locate the file you want to upload, then click to the “Open” option from the new window. Then your file will be uploaded and you will get a download link.

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