22 Best File Sharing Apps for Android Devices

Download the best file sharing apps for Android to transfer files between two mobiles or smartphones to PC, and vice-versa.  Using file transferring apps, you can share whatever you want, including videos, pictures, PDF files, and many more which are completed within a couple of moments.

There are many Android apps developed to transfer files between phone to phone and mobile to PC. SHAREit, Xender, AirDroid, and Send Anywhere among them are the best file sharing apps for Android.

We all know that Google Play Store is the only site to install Android apps without downloading.  In this article, we have described the popular file sharing apps for Android.

22 Best File Sharing Apps for Android

Best File Sharing Apps for Android

1. SHAREit- Transfer & Share

SHAREit is one of the best file transferring apps for Android on the Play Store, which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. The maximum speed goes up to 20 M/S. Besides, it shares files without reducing quality.

You can quickly transfer photos, videos, music, installed apps, and many more via SHAREit. Apart from files and APKs, you can share wallpapers and GIFs too.

SHAREit has already surpassed 1000M installations. SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd develops it.

Also, SHAREit has an outstanding video player. You can watch a video in almost all formats. The player plays video efficiently. Further, it has a music player that offers a powerful equalizer system.

Moreover, the SHAREit app exhibits unlimited HD videos. You can watch online as well as offline.

Price: Free and contains ads

Download SHAREit from Play Store

2. Xender – Share Music & Video, Photo, File, Status Save

Download Xender to fulfil all your sharing needs. It is one of the top file sharing apps for Android. You can easily share music, videos, photos, and many more with your friends. Besides, you can transfer all types of files, including PDF, Word, Excel, Zip, and Folder.

It is a cross-platform application. Also, it supports Android, IOS, Tizen, Windows, and MAC operators. Aside from it, Xender supports 23 languages.

Xender transfers file 200 times faster than Bluetooth. And more than 500M Android users worldwide have already installed it. It included a new tool like “Convert Video to Audio.” Also, it has a Social media downloader and Game centre.

Smartphone replication is a unique feature of Xender. It transfers mobile data, including Contacts, SMS, Pictures, Music’s, Videos, and many more from existing mobile to a new smartphone.

However, Xender is the top WiFi File transfer tool. It has no required cable, internet, or data.

Price: Free and does not contain ads.

Download Xender for Android

3. Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

Send Anywhere is developed by Estmob Inc. It has earned 4.7 Google ratings & installed over 100M times. The ratings and the number of downloads imply that Send Anywhere is one of the best file sharing apps for Android.

You can move unlimited files from one device to another easily and quickly. Whatever you want such as video, audio, image, and many more, you can transfer within a couple of seconds with Send Anywhere.

To transfer files, it requires a one-time 6-digit key. You can transfer files from anywhere and anytime. It does not require the internet or Data. You will receive files via scanning the QR code.

However, you can share a link through all Social Media and Messenger App.

Price: Free & Premium (both).

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4. Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing & Music Playlist

Zapya is a cross-platform file sharing app. It transfers the file from Android to PC, or Android to iPhones, or vice-versa. It has no required WiFi, Mobile Data, or Data cable.

If you want to transfer multiple large folders, Zapya solves the problem with one click.

Besides, if you buy a new phone and want to transfer all data from the old device to a new device, then you solve the problem by using a phone replication tool of Zapya.

Zapya offered by Dewmobile, Inc. It has already surpassed 50M users.

Price: Freemium

5. AirDroid – Remote access & file

AirDroid is one of the best file sharing apps online. It is developed by Sand studio. And it is downloaded over 10M times.

Using AirDroid, you can conveniently send Photo, Video, Audio, APK, link, and all kinds of files. Besides, it supports sharing files on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.

If you want to control your smartphone from another device, no problem. By using AirDroid, you can manage your device from PC, and macOS. The cable and rooting are not required.

Besides, AirDroid allows you to receive or reject calls by clicking the mouse. Even you can make a call via PC.

However, you can locate your smart mobile when it’s lost. And it is available only for the web client.

Price: Freemium

6. SuperBeam – WiFi Direct Share

Superbeam is the easiest, fastest, and most secure file sharing app. It helps to send photos, videos, music, apps, and many more to another device.

To connect another device, it requires QR or NFC codes. Besides, it has different color themes, including Light, Dark, and AMOLED.

Superbeam developed by LiveQoS. It has over 10M users and earns 4.3 Google ratings.

Furthermore, you can transfer files through the web interface who have no Superbeam application.

However, SuperBeam Pro is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac operators.

Price: Free

7. XShare – File Fast Transfer

XShare is the top fastest file sharing app for smartphones. It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. And it has already surpassed 10M users.

You can share movies, videos, MP3, and apps with other smartphones via XShare. It requires the QR code to connect two devices.

Xshare offered by Shalltry Group. It has earned 4.5 google ratings.

Price: Free.

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8. ShareMe (MiDrop)-Transfer files without internet

ShareMe is an ad-free file sharing app for Android devices. It allows sharing phone to phone without connecting internet or mobile data usage. ShareMe is the official file sharing app of Xiaomi, a famous smartphone manufacturer in the world.

You can send or receive all types of files, including images, videos, audio, and many more. Besides, it is faster than Bluetooth. Also, the highest transferring speed goes up to 50Mbps.

It supports multiple languages. English, Chinese, and Bangla among them are famous. Besides, it has no limitation for transfer file sizes. Xiaomi Inc. develops the ShareMe Android app.

Price: Free.

ShareMe for PC Download Free

9. Portal – WiFi File Transfers

Download Portal app for Android to send or receive Movies, Songs, Mp3, and many more files from android phone to PC or PC to android phone.

The Portal is straightforward to use. You can share files by drag and drop. It requires a QR code to connect and transfer files. You can share your files with the WiFi connection. Don’t need any cable or mobile data.

Pushbullet offers the Portal. It has earned 4.3 Google Ratings.

Price: Free

10. FlyingFile

FlyingFile is one of the easiest and fastest file transfer apps for Android. Jiransoft develops it. And it has earned 4.7 Google Ratings.

FlyingFile is a cross-platform app. You can transfer files from PC to mobile as well as mobile to PC. It supports transfer multi-files and extensive data. Also, you can share the folder.

FlyingFile does not require the internet or cable to transfer files. Besides, the highest sending speed goes up to 250Mbps.

Price: Free

11. SmartIO – Fast File Transfer App

SamrtIO is one of the top file transfer apps for Android. It is a cross-platform app. Also, it allows us to transfer Android to iPhone and vice-versa. You can transfer files on the same platform.

SmartIO is the fastest phone data clone app. It will enable connecting devices through the QR code scanner. Apart from file sharing, it has many exceptional features, including video migrator, contact transfer, WhatsApp chat backup transfer, and many more.

Price: Premium

12. Share Apps & File transfer – inShare

inShare satisfies all your file transfer needs. Besides, it is one of the best file sharing apps. You can send up to 1GB files for less than 30 seconds. It is faster than Bluetooth.

inShare supports all Android devices. It translates over 30 languages. You can share music, videos, apps, and all types of files. Apart from sharing files, it lets you transfer data from old mobile to new mobile.

Price: Free & Premium (Both)

13. Sendo – File Share & Transfer

Install Sendo to send or receive apps, images, videos, music, and other files. You can transfer your data with high speed.

To share data, it utilizes a hotspot network. And clean UI makes it easy to use. Clogica offers Sendo. It has installed over 50000 and earned 3.7 Google Ratings.

However, Sendo is available only for Android devices.

Price: Free

14. Fast File Transfer

Fast File Transfer has a mission, “Offering fast, offline file exchange between literally any platforms.”

It is a cross-platform transfer app. You can easily send a file to an iPhone or any other device. It helps to share videos, audio, and many more files with others. Besides, you can send multiple folders as a ZIP.

Price: Freemium

15. Files by Google

Google LLC develops files. It has already surpassed 100M users.

Files able to share pictures, videos, documents, or apps with others nearby who also have this app. It is a super-fast app. The highest speed goes up to 480 Mbps. Besides, it requires no data cable or the internet.

You can remove junk files or duplicate folder by Files. Moreover, you can check the storage of your device.

Price: Free.

16. EasyShare – Ultrafast File Transfer, Free & No Ads

EasyShare is another best file sharing app for Android. It is fast and ads-free. Besides, it works without the internet.

EasyShare has already surpassed 200M users. Also, it has earned 4.5 Google Ratings. Easy Share supports a cross transfer system. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC operating systems.

EasyShare helps to transfer videos, audios, apps, and many more files. Moreover, it has no file size barriers.

However, you can send your all files automatically and securely from the old phone to your new smart mobile.

Price: Free

Download Vivo EasyShare App for PC

17. Smart Transfer – File music transfer

Aomata LLC develops Smart transfer. It can share files over WiFi, Hotspots, and Cellular networks. You can transfer old mobile documents to a new smartphone effortlessly.

It is a powerful cross-platform app. You can quickly transfer files Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android mobiles.

Besides, it is a secure file transferring app with various features. Moving videos, pictures, music, and apps are essential features. Also, you can transfer contacts, calendars, WhatsApp backup, and many more files. With these features, you can certainly say that Smart Transfer is one of the best file sharing apps for Android.

18. CM Transfer

You can conveniently send or receive all kinds of files through direct WiFi via CM Transfer. It helps to send movies, songs, apps, and other files.

CM Transfer is developed by burkei. It has installed over 1,00,000. Besides, earned 4.0 Google Play Store ratings, which tells that CM Transfer is one of the best file sharing apps for Android.

However, it shares files with a higher speed than Bluetooth. Also, the rate goes up 10 megabytes per second.

19. WiFi Shoot – WiFi Direct

WiFi Shoot is the first app in the google play store to use WiFi direct technology when transfer files. Nothing Inc develops it.

You can transfer photos, videos, and any files between two Android devices. However, it does not require data cable or the internet.

Price: Free & Premium (both)

20. WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer is one of the best file sharing apps for Android you will find on the Play Store. It lets you upload & download files from phone to PC or PC to phone.

It needs a WiFi connection to transfer files. Besides, it has required no USB cable. You can delete, rename, copy, ZIP, or UNZIP files using the built-in file manager tool.

Price: Free

21. ES File Explorer File Manager

With over 500 million users, ES file explorer helps manage your smartphone and share files without the internet. Besides, you can accomplish your files with cut, copy, paste, and rename.

You can play videos as well as audios. Apart from playing video, you can view photos. It allows you to control and share all files, which stored in local storage and microSD card.

However, ES File Explorer helps to send video, audio, and many more files. Many users have rated ES File Explorer as one of the best file sharing apps for Android.

Price: Free

22. Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer is well known for sharing video, audio, and many files. It is developed by Medieval Software. And it has already surpassed 10 million users.

Using this app, you can copy, delete, move, and rename files on your mobile. Apart from compress, uncompress, and extract Zip, GZip, and tar files.


There are many file sharing apps available on Google Play Store. But not all of them are good at sharing files. Here we have listed the best file sharing apps for Android-based on popularity and ratings.

Which file sharing app you have used? Share your experience in the comment section.

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