How to Root Huawei Y6p without PC

If you need to root your phone but cannot figure out the complete process, then you can follow our guide on how to root Huawei Y6p without PC.

There are few popular tools and apps for rooting Android smartphones with or without Windows computers.

However, if you have no desktop or laptop PC and still want to root your Huawei Y6p, following the rooting method below will be convenient.

In this post, we will share simple tutorials about how to root Huawei Y6p without PC using Android apps.

How to Root Huawei Y6p without PC using 3 APK

Rooting can enhance the performance of your Huawei Y6p, but many of us may not know how to root Huawei Y6p without PC.

There are some ways of rooting the Huawei Y6p without a PC, but the easiest way is to use some mobile applications.

There are a few applications that are created for rooting Android phones. Here we’ve shown you the complete steps of how to root Huawei Y6p without PC using three android applications, which are:

  • KingRoot
  • KingoRoot
  • iRoot

Before sharing the rooting tutorials, let’s check out the basics of rooting the Huawei Y6p smartphone.

What does Rooting Huawei Y6p mean?

Before understanding rooting, we need to understand some factors first.

Every file, every folder, and partition has some permissions, and rooting is done to gain power over those permissions.

When you are rooting your Huawei Y6p, then you’re allowing yourself to attain control over various Android subsystems.

Rooting will enable users of the Android mobile operating system to gain privileged control over your Huawei Y6p.

The carriers and hardware manufacturers put limitations on the Huawei Y6p, and rooting is done to overcome them.

Rooting your Huawei Y6p gives you the permission to replace system applications and settings, run specialized applications which require administrator-level licenses.

After rooting your Huawei Y6p phone without PC, you can control the device’s operating system and delete or install anything you want.

Rooting your Huawei Y6p gives you the luxury to perform any operation you want because you have full permission over your device.

So if you are convinced with the above benefits and want to root your phone, then you can follow our guide about how to root Huawei Y6p and apply the tutorials accordingly.

How to Root Huawei Smartphone without PC

Why should You Root Huawei Y6p Phone?

We don’t carry out any activity without reason. But, of course, most activities have pros and cons too. Nevertheless, there are some notable advantages for which you should root your Huawei Y6p phone.

The reasons for rooting Huawei Y6p are:

  • Rooting Huawei Y6p can extend battery life.
  • You can install root applications that will take your Huawei Y6p’s experience to the next level.
  • You can flash custom ROMs if Huawei Y6p is rooted.
  • You can boost the CPU and GPU performance of your Huawei Y6p.
  • You can uninstall the pre-installed apps on your Galaxy A71.

If you root your Huawei Y6p, then the overall performance of your device will be boosted, which is why you would like to know how to root your Huawei Y6p.

However, be careful about the requirements and warnings while rooting your device.

Pre-Requirements before Rooting Huawei Y6p

  • Backup your Huawei Y6p device
  • Charge your device at least 60%
  • Download the APK file from the trusted and official source

Warning and Legal Disclaimer

Rooting is an advanced technique within Android. This technique permits you to perform actions on your Huawei Y6p that are not otherwise possible.

These abilities allow you and your installed apps to perform actions on your device that may prove detrimental to your device if anything goes wrong.

Although rooting is not illegal to act on your device, it can and will void the warranty on your device. If something goes wrong, it is your responsibility, so proceed with caution.

Apart from it, there are some other risks too which are:

  1. You won’t use banking apps such as Payoneer, PayPal, etc. if Huawei Y6p is rooted.
  2. Rooting Huawei Y6p increases the risk of ‘bricking.’
  3. If proper steps aren’t followed, permanent damage may happen.

So go through the warnings and disclaimers carefully because won’t be responsible in case of any unfortunate events.

How to Root Huawei Y6p without PC using KingRoot

There are a few ways through which you can root Huawei Y6p without computer. One of the easiest ways is to use the KingRoot app. The steps to root using KingRoot is given below.

Step 1: Download KingRoot APK on your Huawei Y6p.

Step 2: Now, click on the ‘KingRoot apk icon’ and check the ‘unknown sources’ option.

Step 3: Tapping the install button, wait until the installation is completed.

Step 4: Open the KingRoot app after it is installed.

Step 5: At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see the option ‘Try to Root.’ Click on that button.

Step 6: Your Huawei Y6p will be undergoing a process that means the rooting has started, and after few minutes, you’ll see a green light saying ‘root status.’

Step 7: The root is complete. Now, you are free to use your Huawei Y6p.

Did you see how simple it is to root Huawei Y6p without a PC using KingRoot? Follow the above processes with caution; otherwise, it may harm your device.

How to Root Huawei Y6p without Desktop using KingoRoot

KingoRoot is another app that is very popular for rooting devices like Huawei Y6p. KingoRoot is designed in such a way so that you feel the ease of using it.

Now, follow the steps below to root Huawei Y6p with KingoRoot app.

Step 1: Download KingoRoot APK on Huawei Y6p.

Step 2: Go to Settings=>Security and turn on the “unknown sources” status. This will allow installing applications from unknown sources on your device.

Step 3: Launch the KingoRoot app by clicking open.

Step 4: Click the “One Click Root” button, which will appear on the screen of your Huawei Y6p.

Step 5: Wait for few seconds until the rooting process is finished.

Step 6: You will see a status saying ‘Root Succeeded,’ and you’re done rooting Huawei Y6p.

KingoRoot is very easy to maintain and takes less time to root. You can try using it to root Huawei Y6p phone.

How to Root Huawei Y6p without Windows PC using iRoot

Apart from KingRoot and KingoRoot apps, you can use iRoot APK. iRoot is another app that lets you root your Huawei Y6p without a PC.

The process of rooting Huawei Y6p with iRoot is below.

Step 1: At first, turn on the internet connection.

Step 2: Download iRoot APK latest version.

Step 3: Install the iRoot app on Huawei Y6p.

Step 4: Start the iRoot app by clicking on the iRoot icon on display.

Step 5: Then tap on iRoot.

Step 6: iRoot finds your required root file from the internet.

Step 7: After the root file is found, tap on ‘Get Root Access.’

Step 8: The root will finish successfully after few minutes.

Step 9: Now, check your Root of Huawei Y6p.

Using the iRoot APK may feel more comfortable for you as it downloads the necessary root file directly from the internet.

Well, these are the total step-by-step guides on how to root Huawei Y6p without PC using the top three Android apps.

How to Check if Huawei Y6p is Rooted or not?

One can be uncertain about their Huawei Y6p is rooted or not. But, even if it’s not rooted, how can you understand that?

Well, there are several ways through which one can check if Huawei Y6p is rooted or not.

  • If the “Superuser” application is available on your Huawei Y6p after rooting, then it’s an obvious sign that the device is rooted.
  • Download and install the “Root Checker” app to verify whether your Huawei Y6p is rooted or not.

Benefits of Rooting Huawei Y6p without PC

There are a bunch of advantages you can enjoy by rooting the Huawei Y6p. Some notable benefits of rooting the Huawei Y6p are below.

  • You can block or remove ads.
  • Can add android system speed and external storage.
  • Can tweak with the OS settings.
  • Allows boosting battery life.
  • Can remove factory pre-installed bloatware.

You can take advantage of all these benefits by only rooting your Huawei Y6p. So, why not root your device?

Disadvantages of Rooting Huawei Y6p Phone

Rooting your Huawei Y6p can cause you some headaches too. The disadvantages of rooting Huawei Y6p are below.

  1. The warranty won’t be applicable anymore.
  2. The battery health of the Huawei Y6p may reduce.
  3. Possibility of bricking of the Huawei Y6p.
  4. The phone becomes vulnerable to viruses and malware.

For these reasons, if you want to root Huawei Y6p without a PC, be completely sure about it.

Huawei Y6p Root FAQ

1. Is Rooting Huawei Y6p worth the trouble?

Rooting the Huawei Y6p is undoubtedly worth the trouble. In fact, rooting your A71 allows you to be the boss of your phone.

You can make any changes to the system or the ROM or externally.

You can freely play around with your phone since it allows you to install custom ROMs and remove bloatware, so it can prove to be vital to you.

2. Can the rooting process harm Huawei Y6p?

Yes, the rooting process can harm your Huawei Y6p if it’s not rooted correctly. The Huawei Y6p should be rooted properly.

Otherwise, it can cause permanent damage to the phone or brick. The battery health of your phone can also reduce drastically.

Firmware updates of the company won’t be available too.

3. How long it takes to root Huawei Y6p?

It typically takes a few seconds to a few minutes to root your Huawei Y6p.

The time may depend on the condition of your device and the method you are using to root your device.

Generally, it takes only a few minutes to root a device.

4. Is it illegal to root Huawei Y6p?

Rooting your Huawei Y6p is ‘not’ illegal. You can root your Huawei Y6p, but it would mean your device gets out of warranty.

The manufacturer can refuse to honor any service warranty or address any hardware defect if the Huawei Y6p is rooted.

For some devices, rooting could be legal but unlocking the bootloader is illegal.

6. Does rooting void the warranty of your Huawei Y6p device?

Yes, rooting will void your Huawei Y6p device, and the manufacturer won’t provide warranty service or hardware repair for your device.

Some brands don’t cancel their device if it is rooted, but Samsung does void their phones, so keep that in mind.

7. Is it Safe to Root Huawei Y6p

It is safe to Root your Huawei Y6p if it passes the pre-requisites of rooting and if the process is done correctly.

The system performance will be boosted if the root is done correctly, and the device will also be safe.

There may be one or two security risks that you should take into consideration before rooting.


Some people aren’t satisfied with the regular features of the Huawei Y6p, and they want more.

Rooting can prove essential for them too because it opens a wide range of functions for you to conquer.

You can freely play with your device by installing custom ROMs, systems, apps, etc.

You also need to be cautious about rooting your Huawei Y6p because it will void your warranty.

Also, if the process isn’t carried out properly, then it will result in ‘bricking.’

This article shows you how to root Huawei Y6p without PC using three android apps. All of these have included the latest version of the APK file.

We have tried to explain each method as clearly as possible. Also, you can see the necessary disclaimers and warnings related to each technique.

If you’ve gained any knowledge or root access through the points above, you can enjoy the full power of your device. However, we would suggest you not root your Huawei Y6p unless it’s necessary.

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