Download KingRoot APK 2024 Latest Version for Android 11/10/9/8 and More

Are you looking for a one-click application to root your Android device? Well, KingRoot APK is one of the most popular Root tools for Android.

It is an easy, fast, and widely use root application. Besides, the rooting app has become the first choice among users because of its higher success rate.

The app can automatically detect your Android version and find the weakness of your device. Once found, it will root your device with one click.

Here, we will share the latest version of KingRoot 2024 for Android 11 and 10 official file.

KingRoot supports not only Android 11 but also other versions like Android 11, 10, 9, 8, and lower till 2.3. So if your phone has Android 10, you can still download KingRoot Android 10 version 5.4.0 below.

Download KingRoot APK 2024 for Android 11 and 10

There are a few highest-rated Android rooting tools for smartphones. Among them, KingRoot is one of the top ones.

The latest version of the KingRoot app can root your Android device alone. That is why you do not require any computer to root your Android smartphone or tablet.

Like iRoot, KingRoot has the highest success rate. You will be surprised to know that the success rate is more than 99%.

The KingRoot 2024 can root the maximum number of Android devices than other tools. It supports 104136 devices.

KingRoot is available for both Windows and Android devices. That means you can root your device without a PC. Besides, the Windows version lets you root your mobile using the computer.

Do not worry about suspicious data. It does not collect any information from your device. For this reason, this tool is trusted by everyone.

Besides, KingRoot Studio offers new updated risk-free, and malware-free APK versions frequently.

The KingRoot Studio offers KingRoot free of charge. That means you can use the new version of KingRoot without paying any cost.

KingRoot is a super-fast Android device rooting app. It needs only a few seconds to identify and exactly root any Android device.

If you are not comfortable with your rooted device, you can easily unroot any smartphone using KingRoot.

Download KingRoot APK

Latest KingRoot 2024 App Information

  • App Name: KingRoot
  • APK File Name: com.kingroot.kinguser
  • Latest Version: 5.0 and 6.0
  • File Type: BlueStacks.APK
  • Category: Rooting Application
  • Developer: Kingroot studio
  • Security level: 100% safe
  • Required OS: Between 4.2.2 and 5.1
  • Download (Android Version): 51M+
  • Download (Windows Version): 25M+
  • App Status: Stable
  • License: Free

Download KingRoot APK for Android 11 and 10

If you want to download the KingRoot Android 11 version, then you are in the right place. Kingroot’s official website offers a genuine and new version of the KingRoot APK 2024 for free along with the older version.

It is compatible with all android devices and easy to use.

To download the KingRoot APK file from the official website, click on the given link:

Download KingRoot APK v5.4.0

How to Install KingRoot on Android 11 and 10

  • Once downloaded the APK file, click on it.
  • Now it will ask to allow the installation from an unknown source on your smartphone.
  • Allow the Enable unknown source option and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Within a few moments, the KingRoot APK file will be installed on your device.

How to Root your Android Phone with KingRoot?

Step 1: Click on the above link and download KingRoot APK latest version.

Step 2: After downloading, click on the APK file to start the installation. If you see the “Installation Blocked”, enable “Installation from Unknown Sources” under “Security Settings.”

Step 3: Install the root APK and click on the “Open” button to start the KingRoot application.

Step 4: In the following purify screen, click on the “Try it” button to access the dashboard.

Step 5: Click the “Get Now” button to start the rooting process.

Step 6: You will now see a screen with a percentage running out of 100 showing the completing number.

Step 7: Don’t switch off your device if you see the percentage number. During the rooting process, your device will reboot several times.

Step 8: When the percentage goes up to 100%, your device is rooted successfully.

Step 9: To check whether your device is rooted, download the “Root Checker” app from Play Store and verify it.

Alternative Rooting Tools

Important Notice

  • When you start to root your device, the warranty will be void provided by the manufacturer.
  • If you cannot root correctly, then your device may brick. In this case, will not be responsible.

KingRoot Features

Unlimited Data Backup

You may lose your suspicious data such as contact, emails, photos, and apps by moving to a new Android phone or doing a master reset on your old phone.

In this case, KingRoot can store your precious data. There is no limitation. That’s why you can back up all current data along with configuration.

You do not need to start from the beginning. With KingRoot, you can restore your all-previous data along it permits you to re-install your old app.

Increases Battery Life

A few mobile applications consumed massive battery power. By rooting correctly, you can recognize which app consumes more battery.

Now, you can delete or uninstall this app and increase your battery life.

After rooting, you can gain the admin access to your device and use battery-saving apps that can access to CPU and GPU resources to identify and solve battery issues.

Power-up your Smartphone

95% of new smartphones have become slow after a certain period. It is painful for the users. Do not worry. With KingRoot, you can fix the problem and speed up your handset.

Ability to Uninstall Default Application

After buying a new Android phone, you will get many pre-installed applications. Unfortunately, most of the apps are not helpful for you.

Even though the unnecessary apps will run on your mobile and consume the battery power, RAM, and ROM, you cannot delete or uninstall those unnecessary apps.

However, by rooting your Android phone, you will get super administrative power; now, you can easily remove any default apps that cause bloatware.

Personalized Your Device

If you don’t like your device’s appearance, you can change the look of the phone after rooting. From custom theme to icon, and even color, you can change and modify everything to look your device that you want.

Stop Annoying Advertisements

Isn’t it annoying getting ads while making important phone calls or browsing other apps? Did you tried and failed to stop showing advertisements on your phone? Well, we all tried it, but your device is still showing ads.

However, things will change after rooting using KingRoot latest version. You will be able to block ads or simply remove them by installing third-party apps.

KingRoot FAQ

Can I root Android 11?

Yes, you can use KingRoot app to root Android 11 because this one-click root app support Android 2.3 or higher.

Where can I download KingRoot?

Click on the above download link and get the latest KingRoot APK.

Does KingRoot work on Android?

Yes, KingRoot works on Android. You can root any Android device from 2.3 or higher.

What is the latest version of KingRoot?

The latest version of KingRoot is V5.4.0.

Is KingRoot a good root?

KingRoot is one of the popular one click rooting apps with the highest success rate. More than 51 million Android users and 25 million Windows users have already downloaded it.

However, even the official site claims it to be the best rooting app, if you fail, then you may lose the device’s warranty, brick it, or have other unusual issue. So proceed cautiously and of course, back up your phone before rooting.

Is KingRoot and KingoRoot the same?

No, they both are one-click Android root app but they are different applications.

Can KingRoot root Samsung?

Yes, KingRoot can root any Samsung phone that uses Android V2.3 or higher.

What is KingRoot app?

KingRoot is one of the popular and top one-click Android rooting application. It support many smartphone brands and Android version 2.3 or higher.

Can I delete KingRoot after rooting?

Yes, you can delete KingRoot app after rooting.


KingRoot is known as a one-click root app among users. It is a free and 100% safe rooting app. The number of downloads has increased day by day.

Besides, the app supports thousands of Android brands and models; the success rate is also high.

With little technical knowledge, you can root your android device using KingRoot APK. However, while rooting, your device may be unusable.

That’s why we recommend seeking professionals to root your device.

Finally, Like KingRoot, if you find another secure and easy-to-use rooting app, let’s know in the comment box.

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