10 Best Online Colleges and Universities in 2024

Online colleges and universities have gained enormous popularity last few years. Unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak made the notion of online education more mundane than ever.

However, students are now more interested in enrolling in degree programs because of this emerging education system’s flexibility, cost-friendliness, and breaking-the-barrier situation.

The internet made admission to college and universities online more accessible than ever. These remarkable inventions of modern technology boosted the admiration and popularity of online university programs.

And the affordability and flexibility of these programs offered by the respected universities entice learners and potential students from every corner of the world.

Online colleges and universities ensure your graduation faster in your fitting schedule and save money with a commendable and demanding degree appropriate to your objective and desire in life.

Top 10 Online Colleges and Universities

Online Colleges and Universities

Online education now comes in various forms. You just need to choose your education plans following your goal and benefit.

Online schools offer synchronous, asynchronous, open schedule, fixed-time system, and hybrid courses. Pretty much every University and college now practice the online education culture.

These online programs have opened an opportunity to global students and broke the barrier of bounding lines. Not just that, financial aids, loans, work-study programs, tuition reimbursement programs, grants, fellowship, and scholarships turned online colleges amicable to students all over the world.

Scroll down to learn more about the best online colleges and universities and determine which one is good for you.

1. University of Central Florida

  • SCHOOL TYPE: Public Nonprofit
  • SAT RANGE: 1170-1600
  • ACT RANGE: 25-27
  • SAT/ ACT: Required
  • HIGH SCHOOL GPA: Required
  • TUITION: $17,879- $33,978
  • Go to the Webpage: Accredited Online Degree Programs | UCF Online

With an academic ranking of world universities between 301 to 400, UCF is a leading educational organization for students. Established in 1963, this reputable organization has offered a fully online course load for twenty years.

Ade UCF offers more than 100 online programs, including Bachelor, Masters, Graduate Degrees, Masters, Graduate Certificates, Doctorates, and Minors. Their online program is coequal to their traditional course.

Unquestionably, the organization lives up to its name and has the largest student body of any public college.

And UCF welcomes its online students to have the student resources, including library, writing center, and study spaces. Students also get waivers for some campus-based fees that reduce their cost of education.

Undegraded non-students need to pay $715.80 per credit hour, and graduate students need to pay $1,151.72 per credit hour.

The UCF online programs offer better flexibility than physical classes, but their education standards haven’t faded a bit.

The University of Central Florida is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

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2. Johns Hopkins University

  • SCHOOL TYPE: Private
  • SAT RANGE: 1400-1445
  • ACT RANGE: 33-35
  • SAT/ ACT: considered but not Required
  • HIGH SCHOOL GPA: required
  • NET PRICE: $1531 per credit
  • Students Receiving Financial Aid 67%
  • Go to the Webpage: http://apply.jhu.edu/

JHU is a private research university considered America’s first research university.

The institution is a philanthropic body to the history of education in the USA. Therefore, students can enroll in online programs at this prestigious university for several years.

John Hopkins University offers 88 fully online programs for distance learners in hybrid and in-person forms.

Students can pursue degrees or certificates such as Bachelor’s Minors, Master’s Doctoral Certificate, Post-Master’s Certificate (Graduate Certificate) Non-Degree Programs from JHU.

In addition, they can apply for scholarships and financial aid. They can also access tutoring and explore opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

Online Engineering degrees, online Natural Sciences degrees, online Computer Science degrees, online Business degrees, and more.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education accredits John Hopkins University.

3. Florida International University

  • SCHOOL TYPE: Public Research University
  • SAT RANGE:1110-1280
  • ACT RANGE:23-28
  • SAT/ ACT: Required
  • HIGH SCHOOL GPA: Required
  • TUITION FEE: $9,888 / year, National $15,523
  • Go to the Webpage: Apply Now – FIU Online

FIU is another top-notch institution in the USA that provides an affordable online program.

The university expanded to become the largest university in the country in the last 20 years. Furthermore, they gained reputation and excellence and now working diligently to become one of the largest online education providers.

FIU. Offers Graduate, Undergraduate, Graduate Certificate Programs, Undergraduate Certificate Degree Programs, Professional Licensure to their students. The core courses are Arts and interdisciplinary studies, Communication, and journalism. Criminal justice and legal studies. Dietetics and nutrition. Education and teaching. Engineering and technology. History and geography. Hospitality and tourism. Sociology and anthropology. Sustainability. Language. Hospitality and tourism. Nursing and healthcare.

The online degrees cost $30 per credit, which may vary based on the degree type, program, residency status, etc.

The enrollees can choose from more than 200 baccalaureates, master’s, and doctoral programs in FIU.

Students can also transfer their credits from other institutions as transients in the university

4. University of Michigan Online

  • SCHOOL TYPE: Public Research University
  • SAT RANGE: 1435-1340
  • ACT RANGE: 23-29
  • SAT/ ACT: Required
  • HIGH SCHOOL GPA: Required
  • TUITION: $1,286- $1,183 per credit hours
  • Go to the Webpage: Home | Michigan Online (umich.edu)

Another prestigious university that offers online education services is the University of Michigan. Founded in 1817, Umich is one of the oldest educational institutes in the USUS.

Students can achieve undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates across a wide range of in-demand fields.

The institution offers 35 online and mix- mode programs Master of Education, a Master of Science in several engineering fields, including electrical, energy systems, computer, mechanical and chemical, and a Master of Science in finance.

The University of Michigan promotes a modified learning environment according to students’ ease and inconvenience.

The online degree programs are designed for working students, and Umich online programs help students fulfill their educational goals flexibly.

This elite public research university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

5. California State University- Bakersfield

CSU Bakersfield is an excellent choice to confer a degree for students due to its educational approach and less-priced degree programs. In addition, the University offers both fully online and hybrid degrees to their students, ensuring more flexibility and excellence.

This public state university was founded in 1965 with almost 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students, both online and traditional education programs.

CSUB typically offers 57 undergraduate and graduate programs, including Arts and Humanities, Business and Public Administration Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering Social Sciences, and Education.

The university is regionally accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

6. Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University, founded in 1949, USD prioritizes social innovation, intellectual exploration, and change.

USD offers several online graduate degrees. In addition, they offer master’s degrees in criminal justice, education, and information technology.

Higher education pursuers can also earn an online master’s degree in applied data science, cybersecurity operations, leadership, or used data science.

USD also offers online master’s programs in healthcare informatics, law enforcement, and public safety leadership. In addition, USD supports students throughout their educational journey. Prospective students work with a personal enrollment advisor to gain admission.

Once admitted, incoming students work with a program advisor to enroll in classes and complete financial aid requirements. Academic advisors for each graduate program also guide learners through their degree requirements.

The University of San Diego is regionally accredited by the WASC. Senior College and University Commission.

7. Arizona State University 

  • SCHOOL TYPE: Public, Research University
  • SAT RANGE: 1225-1235
  • ACT RANGE: 20-25
  • TUITION FEE: $561–$1,343 per credit hour
  • Go to the Webpage: Arizona State University | ASU

Established in 1885, Arizona State University is one of the largest public universities by enrollment in the US. They have been offering online bachelor’s degree programs since 2015-2016 to help working professionals develop knowledge and skills to advance their careers.

Today, they have more than 38,000 students attending online. Students can choose from nearly 300-degree programs and certificates in high-demand areas. The programs are like nursing, engineering, management, and more.

Like other online universities, ASU offers online degrees in a few fields of study, including Communication, Computer Science, Data Science, Crime Analysis, etc.

They also offer special education on Applied Behavior Analysis, Med, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Teacher Certification. In addition, similar to on-campus students, online enrollees can select and include academic and career counseling.

8. Oregon State University

Oregon State University is a prestigious public research university founded in 1868. The institute is an extensive one with almost 35,000 students. OSU. Programs are divided into 12 colleges and graduate schools and departments.

The University’s Ecampus online program is their crucial feature for being ranked among one of the top organizations in the U.SU.S.

OSU offers over 90 degree and certificate programs and over 1,600 courses online to distance pursuers in 50 states and more than 60 countries.

Ecampus online programs have been ranked top 10 in the nation by US News & World Report for seven years.

Students take classes on Art & Social Science Degree (Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences), Business and Related Programs, Teacher Education, Ocean and Coasts, and Science & Natural Resources.

Also, Oregon State University offers online degrees on Public Health and Human Sciences, Health & Wellness, Public Policy, Engineering, Computer & Information System, Veterinary Medicine, etc. in their graduate and degree programs.

OSU has over 28,000 students worldwide. They are accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

9. Boston University

  • SCHOOL TYPE: Private Research University
  • SAT RANGE: 1340- 1510
  • ACT RANGE: 30-34
  • SAT/ACT: Considered but not required
  • HIGH SCHOOL GPA: Required
  • TUITION: $500-$940 per credit hour
  • APPLICATION FORM: How to Apply to Boston University | Admissions (bu.edu)

Established in 1839 as Newbury Biblical Institute, Boston University is among the fifty best educational institutes globally.

This prestigious University started its online program in 2002. This online education delivers flexible, asynchronous learning with live interactions.

Furthermore, the programs are designed to support students with responsibilities outside of schools, such as family and work.

The university offers 39 fully online programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Most of Boston University’s online programs are entirely online. Each programs consist of 9 courses totaling 36 credits

Approximately 3200 students are currently enrolled in online programs at BU.

Students can go after a completely online program, including concentration-based degree, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, and certificate programs.

These degree programs accompany academic areas: Applied Business Technology, Clinical Research, Crime Analysis, Cybersecurity and Cybercrime, curriculum and Teaching, Data analytics, digital forensics, etc.

Boston University likewise offers online Doctorate completion programs in Music Education and Occupational Therapy.

Furthermore, BU offers exciting and creative courses that approach academic subjects, like Food Stuff: A Taste of Biology; Exploring Philosophy through Film; and China, the Emerging Superpower: A Model for Development?

Boston University Wheelock is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

10. American University 

Established in 1893 in Washington DC, American University is a global-reaching institution. One of the nation’s best online universities provides an engaging digital learning environment.

AU is known for its active student governance and top school for students holding internships. American University is also one of the best colleges for veterans.

Students can enroll in master’s, bachelor’s, and graduate certificate programs in AU.

Like other online universities, AU offers online degrees in a few fields of study, including Nutrition Education, Public Administration and Policy, Strategic Communication, Sports Analytics and Management, Economics, Applied Economics Specialization, etc.

AU provides online learners access to library services, a writing lab, and tutoring services.

American University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and recognized by the University Senate of the United Methodist Church.


This article tried to picture the top online Colleges and Universities that offer online education, their accreditation, degrees, and departments. You can find their admission process in the given links of individual universities.

Prestigious, top-ranked universities known for their traditional education also accept online students and develop their online education versions.

Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Caltech, Cambridge, UCL also opened opportunities for students interested in online classes. Unfortunately, these opportunities are still minimal. So, we didn’t mention their name here as they are mostly known for their traditional class approach.

And suppose you are interested in the top-ranked traditional universities that provide online education. In that case, you might want to understand a simple detail about online classes.

Online classes are either conducted synchronous or asynchronous.

If you enroll in synchronous classes, you will be scheduled for your meeting times for your online courses.

You will have a chance to meet your teachers and engage in their classes. Simply this method offers you location flexibility and helps you relate to your professors and lessons.

On the other hand, asynchronous classes are a bit more loosen up ones. Of course, you will still have semester deadlines, assignment dates, or scheduled time tests. However, you can make up your schedule at your convenience. This is a much more suitable option for working students.

You now need to explore your opportunities to pursue your education online starting from here- the top 10 best online Colleges and Universities.

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