Apps to Help Students Study Better and Learn Faster

Great applications for all students to help you study better and learn faster during your academic life even in cases where you are studying complex subjects that are likely to leave you overwhelmed.

In the current generation, you cannot escape from technology. Almost every child in the current generation has access to the internet and other technological equipment, such as smartphones, iPods, and laptops. On the same note, it is vital to note that innovation and learning go hand in hand. So many things are evolving in the education sector. There is no doubt that learning is a continuous process, and it never stops regardless of an individual’s age. Technological progression makes the entire learning process less challenging since information can be accessed from any geographical location. Students also have an easier time scoring excellent GPAs thanks to writing tools, which can be accessed at a low fee. These writing resources include the bibliography generator, thesis statement generator, plagiarism checker, and college GPA calculator. University scholars can use this link to access the Peachy Essay College GPA calculator.

5 Apps to Help Students Study Better

Apps to Help Students Study Better and Learn Faster

There are numerous benefits students can enjoy from using educational apps. First and foremost, students get access to modern learning techniques, which aid them in understanding concepts from a different perspective. On the same note, students save a lot of time since they do not have to travel. Accessing research materials or forming virtual group discussions is easy; hence, students save on traveling time and cost. Most importantly, thanks to educational technology, learning becomes possible anywhere and anytime. Lecturers can interact with the students online, issue tests, and give them studying resources. This article will discuss several apps that can aid students in studying better and learning faster.

My Study Life

The good thing about this app is that students can use it for free. On the same note, the app is compatible with Chrome, Windows, iOS, and Android. If you are unfamiliar with the application, it is a student organizer, which aids in scheduling and creating a timetable based on the student’s calendar. The app also offers a student a task manager, which provides more than simple to-do activities that feature the learner’s lifestyle. The app can also sync with other devices, hence making it possible for the students to access the information remotely.

Pomodoro App

Most students tend to study for long hours without giving themselves a break. Apparently, the majority of them have the assumption that the more hours they study, the high chances they will have to score excellent GPAs. Researchers’ advice students to include breaks in their studying sessions. This is because if you study for long hours without taking a break, your mind will be exhausted, and your productivity will decline. According to research performed on students, the findings indicated that students who take regular breaks are more likely to perform better academically than those who do not break from their studies. The good thing about the Pomodoro tool is that it allows students to schedule regular breaks in between their studying sessions. Some benefits of the Pomodoro app are that it makes the entire learning process less daunting, prevents mental exhaustion, boosts motivation, makes planning easier, and increases willpower and accountability.

The Exam Countdown

Undoubtedly, college life is filled with all sorts of distractions. Sometimes, you can be distracted from your studies and realize when it is too late that you have incomplete assignments. On the same note, sometimes, you can innocently miss examination dates. This is where this education app comes in. Suppose you need more assistance keeping yourself motivated, organizing your examination dates, or feel like exam countdown always works best for you. In that case, the educational tool helps students concentrate on their studies. The app also has features that allow the student to colour code or include short notes. Students can also share the countdown to different events on their social media applications. The good thing about the app is that it is free of charge, and both iOS and Android can use it.

Cite This for Me

Unfortunately, most students are reluctant to complete their academic papers because they have difficulty differentiating the different writing formats. Various assignments will require different formatting styles; hence, students must always strive to familiarize themselves with all the existing writing formats. As a student, there is no doubt that you will use different research materials while completing your academic paper. Borrowing information without giving credit to the author could negatively impact a student’s ability to perform well academically. The good thing about this educational app is that it allows students to cite different sources correctly. Whenever a student borrows ideas or information, the source where the information was obtained needs to be acknowledged. Cite This for Me aids students in putting together different bibliographies and citations. Scholars can use their phone’s camera to scan a book’s barcode and ultimately create a citation. The different writing formats in academic writing include Chicago, MLA, APA, and Harvard, among many others. Using the app is free, so students do not have to worry about spending their money. Finally, the application can be used on both Android phones and iOS.

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Most students often struggle to learn more than two foreign languages. Generally, students are often under constant pressure to accomplish so much within a short duration. If an individual is not cautious, they could suffer from illnesses like high blood pressure or become depressed. The beauty of using the Duolingo app is that it is usually meant for students interested in learning different languages. The app makes the entire learning process fun by turning the whole learning process into a game. Students can use the app to learn different languages, such as English, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Irish, Portuguese, German, French, and Spanish, among many others. Another exciting thing about the app is that it is free and can be used on Android and iOS phones. Students having difficulty learning different languages should take advantage of the Duolingo App.

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In conclusion, technological advancements have made it possible for students to undertake most things that seemed challenging in the past. For instance, students can learn new languages and cite their bibliography sections with less difficulty. On the same note, these apps can help students monitor their academic performance, create scheduled breaks, interact freely with the lecturer, and access studying resources regardless of their geographical location.

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