Top 10 Best Samsung Phone Cleaner Apps

The best Samsung phone cleaner app can surely speed up your device by deleting cache and junk files. Here, we have rounded up the top 10 most popular phone cleaner apps for Samsung Smartphones.

The slow phone is an annoying problem for Samsung users. There are many reasons behind this issue.

The main reason is that your device created many unnecessary files after using a long time.

Apart from these files, the Samsung mobile collected plenty of cache files, junk, logs, and temp files when browsing the internet, using different apps, and even watching videos.

All these unnecessary files occupy most of the RAM. As a result, your Samsung device is getting slower.

Best Samsung Phone Cleaner Apps for Cleaning

Are you worried that your Samsung phone is getting slower? Don’t worry.

We have found suitable apps that can help you to speed up your Samsung device by deleting all cache and junk files.

In this post, we have managed to share the top 10 best phone cleaner apps for Samsung. So, if you want to speed up your Samsung mobile, then the article is for you.

What is Samsung Phone Cleaner App?

Samsung phone cleaner app is a cache cleaner, speed booster, and memory booster. The app can improve Samsung mobile’s battery life and boost RAM.

Also, it helps you to find out useless files, apps, and junk files; even you can remove these documents with one tap.

What is the use of a Cleaner App in the Samsung phone?

When you are using a Samsung phone for a long time, sometimes your device starts to go wrong such as touch does not work accurately, taking a long time to open files, or the device has become warm.

Apart from these, your Samsung device stores plenty of useless files that kill battery life and occupy device storage.

With the help of a cleaner app on your Samsung phone, you can easily remove all unnecessary files and caches. Also, it uses as a RAM cooler.

That means the Samsung phone cleaner app lets you reduce heat if your device has become warm.

However, to improve battery power and speed up your Samsung device, you need to use the best Samsung phone cleaner app.

Do you need a cleaner app for Samsung Phones?

Yes, you need a cleaner app for your favorite Samsung device.

Using the best Android phone cleaner app, you can easily take care of the hidden process responsible for making your device slow.

Also, it will remove caches, junk files, and other unnecessary documents without any hassle.

Besides, from increasing battery power to boosting device speed, a cleaner app can help you make your Samsung phone clutter-free and well-organized.

Do Samsung Phone Cleaner Apps Work?

Of course, phone cleaner apps work on your Samsung device. We tested some cleaner apps that are working on our Samsung mobile.

Before installing a phone cleaner app on your Samsung device, you need to identify a good one with positive reviews and ratings from the Play Store.

Otherwise, a bad cleaner app could harm your Samsung phone with malware and spam coming with the advertisements and hidden settings.

Check out the best Samsung cleaner app download details with the features and functions.

best Samsung phone cleaner app

Top 10 Samsung Phone Cleaner Apps

If you are looking for the best Samsung phone cleaner app, then you are in the right place.

In this part, we are going to share the top cleaner apps for Samsung Smartphones.

There are plenty of phone cleaner apps you will get on the Play Store, but all are not working perfectly on your Samsung smartphone.

To find the best phone cleaner app for Samsung, you have to research and test each of them.

Don’t worry; we have researched and found out the best phone cleaner apps for Samsung phones.

Here, we have listed the top 10 phone cleaner apps for Samsung.

Files by Google and CCleaner are placed first and second, respectively, because they have millions of downloads and thousands of positive reviews.

We have explained the other 8 Samsung phone cleaning apps with features and download links for your convenience.

1. Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone

Files by Google is a trusted Android application for cleaning junk files from your Samsung smartphone. It is the best Samsung phone cleaner app so far.

You can remove unwanted files within a few clicks. It is an easy, fast, and safe-to-use file cleaning app.

It helps you identify what you need to delete, like junk files, duplicates, backed-up photos, and unused apps.

That’s why you can easily free up space on your device with one click that will save your time too.

Besides, Files by Google inform you regularly to remove junk or temporary files so that your phone keeps running smoothly.

It helps you to check your storage, including phone memory and SD card. Also, you can easily transfer data to an SD card to free up your mobile storage.

Apart from these features, you can share documents with others without having an internet connection; store files in the cloud to free your device storage.

Google LLC develops the Files by Google App. Since the first release, the number of installations has been increasing rapidly.

It has already surpassed 1B+ downloads all over the world. The users are also satisfied by using the application.

They provide many positive reviews along with 4.6 ratings out of 5 in the Google Play store.

Download Files by Google

2. CCleaner: Cache Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer

If you want to download one of the best Samsung phone cleaner apps to clean the device deeply, then you can use CCleaner. It is a simple and secure phone cleaner application.

CCleaner is one of the world’s famous cleaner software for PC and Mac users. Also, you can use it on Android devices, including the Samsung phone.

Like Windows, you can use it for Samsung devices. The refreshing smartphone is now a matter of seconds after cleaning by the CCleaner app.

It needs only a single click; open the app on your Samsung phone and tap on the “Quick Clean” button.

With this app, you can easily remove junk files, reclaim space, and clean RAM from your Samsung phone.

Also, it helps you to surveillance your system and lets you browse safely.

Besides, using this app, you can increase the device performance and speed by keeping your Samsung phone free from storing useless files.

CCleaner has an analyzer option which is extremely effective for Samsung users.

With this tool, you can easily check apps that consume your data most and detects apps that drain your battery fast on your Samsung phone. Also, it lets you identify unused apps.

The app has an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate. So, if you need the best phone cleaner app for Samsung smartphones, you can install the CCleaner app.

CCleaner is a free Android application, but the free version will show advertisement. Also, it has a premium version; you can purchase it at the standard price.

Download CCleaner

3. Phone Master –Junk cleaner master, Battery Cooler

If you are looking for one of the finest junk cleaner apps for your favorite Samsung device, then you are in the right place.

Phone Master can be the best choice to remove junk files from your Samsung phones.

The app has already surpassed 100 million users worldwide. The user ratings are also high, and most of the users give positive reviews.

It has earned a 4.6 rating out of 5, provided by 905K+ users in Google Play Store.

By seeing this data, you can easily understand how popular this junk cleaning app is among millions of Android users.

The app comes with lots of unique features.

From cleaning junk files to speed up Samsung devices, you can use it for saving battery power and cooling the CPU of your phone.

It also has AppLocker and Data manager tools for Samsung users.

Cache cleaner and junk file cleaner are the primary functions of this application.

With the powerful cleaning mechanism, you can easily clean everything that will speed up your Samsung phone.

AppLocker function helps you lock apps, photos, videos, and private data using a password or pattern. Also, you can hide your sensitive information by encrypting it.

The feature gives you solid secret protection. That’s why you do not need to download an extra file locker app to protect your private information.

CPU cooler of this cleaner can detect the culprit app, which is responsible for the increasing temperature of your device.

Using this tool, you will close these apps so that the temperature of your Samsung device remains cool.

Phone Master has another interesting tool known as a battery saver.

It can analyze battery usage and surveillance all applications of your phone that drain power while not in use.

You can hibernate these apps to stop battery draining for increasing battery life on your Samsung phone.

Because of huge popularity and high number of positive reviews, Phone Master has acquired the position of our best cleaning app for Samsung.

Download Phone Master

4. Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer

Another highly effective cache and junk cleaner app we want to mention is called Avast Cleanup.

Because of deep cleaning function, we have included Avast Cleanup in the list of the best Samsung phone cleaner apps.

Avast Software develops it. The company is also popular among PC and Mac users for developing antivirus.

If you want the best Samsung mobile junk cleaner app, you can download the Avast Cleanup app.

It helps you to clean leftover files and unused apps from your Samsung device with a single tap.

Also, it optimizes your Samsung mobile’s performance and increases its speed by removing junk.

Moreover, it lets you view all the important information about your device on one screen. And the Cleaning Adviser tool provides you a detailed overview of all the documents on your Samsung phone.

Also Check: Avast Cleanup for PC

With Avast Cleanup, you can easily free up space, speed up your Samsung phone, and stop Android lags by uninstalling apps with one click.

The developer provides the app for free along with a premium version. That means you can use the app on your Samsung phone without paying any price.

The free account has limited tools. You cannot use it for deep cleaning with the free version. Also, it shows advertisements.

On the other hand, you will get full features of the app with a small subscription fee, including an advanced photo optimizer, hibernation mode, automatic cleaning, and a deep clean tool.

Also, you can directly contact the Avast support team through the app. However, you will not see any ads in the premium version.

Download Avast Cleanup

5. AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner, Memory & RAM Booster

AVG Cleaner is one of the leading Samsung mobile phone cleaner apps in the Google Play Store.

It has achieved 4.6 play store ratings out of 5 stars. Also, the number of downloads has already surpassed over 50 million.

Besides, you will see many positive reviews provided by satisfied users in the Google play store.

With AVG Cleaner, you will get more space on your Samsung phone by removing cache files, junk, recent tasks, and unwanted apps.

Also, you can optimize your Samsung phone and increase battery life using this cleaner app.

If you do not remember to clean your Samsung device, then the app allows you to set a reminder to clean junk files in time.

Cache cleaner tool helps you to find and remove useless hidden or visible cached files on your Samsung device.

Also, it can automatically delete unnecessary data, including gallery thumbnails and residual or unused APK’s.

Another interesting tool of AVG Cleaner is the Media & Files Cleaner.

Using this tool, you will easily identify and delete an image, audio, video, and other larger than 5 MB files.

Smart photo clean-up tools can clean unimportant photos of your Samsung mobile. That’s why you will get more room for storing virtual memory.

Besides, AVG Cleaner has “Battery saver and Optimizer” along with “App & Memory Manager” options to boost performance speed.

Download AVG Cleaner

6. SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

Do you want to download the best Samsung cleaner app without ads? You can download the SD Maid Android app for the Samsung phone.

The app is developed by darken. The developer updated the app regularly. It is a mainly premium category app.

SD Maid makes your Samsung device clean and tidy.

From cleaning superfluous files to optimizing databases, you will get a huge list of features, including file explorer, cache cleaner, run tool, search bar, and many more.

The user interface of this app is as simple as fast. A beginner can also navigate through the app conveniently after installing it on a Samsung device.

You can easily search and clean any orphaned files or folders leftover with the app while deleting any app.

Also, it detects duplicate pictures, music, or documents, independent of name or location on your Samsung phone, and then deletes them with one click.

SD Maid has already been installed over 10 million times from the Google Play Store.

More than 266 thousand users give ratings and reviews in the play store; it has earned 4.4 rating stars out of 5.

Most of the users provide positive reviews, and they are satisfied using the app.

Download SD Maid

7. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Speed & Widget

Are you looking for an app that helps you to improve your Samsung device performance? Well, All-In-one Toolbox is the best choice for optimizing your Samsung phone.

It is a multifunctional Samsung phone cleaner app. That means you will get all Android mobile performance-increasing tools on one small-size app.

After opening the app, you will see the current status of your mobile phone, which makes your Samsung device more understandable.

The key tools of this app are junk cleaner, history eraser, speed booster, memory optimizer, and battery optimizer.

Apart from these, AIO Toolbox also has an app manager, file manager, and mini launcher options.

Junk Cleaner is the basic tool of the application.

You need only one click to clear all junk files (such as cache, temp files, app leftovers, thumb images, empty folder, and process) from your Samsung phone.

This process gives you extra storage on your device.

Speed booster function helps you increase device performance by scanning those files, releasing about 400MB of memory every time.

Click on the CPU Cooler tool if you want to know the current temperature of your Samsung device.

Also, it lets you see the running apps of your mobile and automatically terminates them to cool down your Samsung phone.

Moreover, All-In-One Toolbox is also compatible with many plug-ins, including app lock, game booster, volume settings, and so much more.

Download All-In-One Toolbox

8. Norton Clean, Junk Removal

“Norton Clean, Junk Removal” is developed by Norton Labs. The company is the most popular for security and antivirus software among Windows and Mac users.

Currently, you can download Norton Mobile Security for antivirus protection to prevent bad apps from damaging your Samsung phone or stealing your information.

Norton Clean has already achieved 4.6 ratings from 211 thousand users.

After analyzing reviews, we see plenty of positive reviews which the real users provide, and they are pleased using the application.

Norton Clean, an Android application, is one of the best Samsung phone cleaner apps.

It helps you get more storage on your smartphone by removing leftover apps, optimizing memory, and cleaning junk files.

Apart from the junk files cleaner feature, it has also “Manage Apps” options.

It helps you identify and uninstall unused and unwanted apps along with bloatware from your Samsung phone.

Also, it recommends that you remove very rarely used applications.

Norton is a fast, safe, and easy-to-use Samsung phone cleaner app. For using the app, you don’t need to be an Android Pro user.

All the options you will get within one or two clicks.

Download Norton Clean, Junk Removal

9. Nox Cleaner – Booster, Optimizer, Cache Cleaner

If you want to download a lighter and speedier phone cleaner app for your Samsung smartphone, you can download Nox Cleaner.

It is one of the top junk file cleaner apps on the Google play store and is trusted by more than 50 million users.

Using Nox Cleaner, you can easily speed up your Samsung device by removing junk files and caches.

Apart from cleaning junk files and caches cleaner, you can use it as a storage cleaner and memory cleaner for Samsung phones.

The phone cleaning option is the primary tool. Moreover, Nox Cleaner has many efficient features that make it unique from other phone cleaning apps.

The features are CPU Cooler, AppLocker, Battery Saver, Game Booster, Memory Booster, Antivirus, and Notification Blocker.

If your Samsung device generates heat or the phone temperature becomes high, then the CPU Cooler tool detects and closes battery-draining apps to reduce heat.

The more you use memory, the more your Samsung phone becomes heavy and slow. Nox Cleaner can easily clear memory and makes your Samsung mobile lighter and faster.

Another interesting feature of Nox cleaner is App Manager.

With the tool, you can manage and uninstall useless apps from your Samsung phone to get more storage space to improve device performance.

Battery Saver helps you to analyze battery usage and identifies the battery-draining apps automatically, along with stopping them efficiently.

Besides, Nox Cleaner has a powerful and effective antivirus system.

It comes with a virus scanner, virus removal, and virus protection so that your information keeps safe from any potential security threat or privacy policy.

However, Nox Cleaner is a premium product, but you can use it free for Samsung phones. The free account will show advertisements.

Download Nox Cleaner

10. Phone Cleaner- Cache Clean, Android Booster Master

Phone Cleaner is a well-known Samsung smartphone cache cleaner, speed booster, and memory booster app.

It is one of the Google Play Store’s most effective and powerful junk files cleaner.

If your Samsung mobile is slowing down, then you can download this Phone Cleaner app. It can remove leftover apps and memory, clean cache, and release storage space on your Samsung device.

Using the app, you get the superpower for improving your Samsung device performance.

This best phone cleaner for Samsung has lots of Samsung device cleaning options such as cache cleaner, junk cleaner, Junk Notification cleaner, RAM cleaner, App cleaner, and residual file cleaner.

Also, you will get a speed booster, CPU cooler, and battery saver tools for optimizing Samsung devices.

After opening the app, you can see your Samsung phone’s RAM and ROM usage status and get four key tools.

Junk Cleaner lets you detect useless files and remove them from your Samsung phone.

For cleaning your Samsung phone, you need only a single click, and then the process will start automatically.

It will identify all the hidden junk files from your Samsung phone within a short time and clean them instantly.

The excessive use of memory makes your Samsung phone heavy and reduces speed.

However, Memory Booster helps you to free memory space and make your Samsung phone lighter and quicker.

Battery saver removes battery draining apps to save power on your Samsung phone.

When your Samsung phone’s power is short, the Phone Cleaner app will remind you to save battery by scrubbing apps.

With the tool, you can save the battery life of your Samsung phone with one click.

CPU cooler allows you to reduce your Samsung phone’s CPU temperature with one click.

Download Phone Cleaner

How to Download and Install Samsung Phone Cleaner App

Like another Android app, you can download and install the best phone cleaner app on your Samsung device.

It is simple and easy. If you don’t know how to download and install the best Samsung Phone Cleaner App, this part is for you.

There are a few ways to download phone cleaner app for Samsung, but downloading from the Google Play Store is a widely used option.

It is a safe and trustworthy method; Google also encourages the users to install the best phone cleaner app for Samsung from the play store.

Also, this process will save your device storage compare to other methods like downloading from third-party sources.

You don’t need to download the APK file; you can install the app directly on the Samsung phone from the Play Store.

Suppose you want to install “Nox Cleaner” on your Samsung device, so you need to follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Google Play Store. In the search box, type “Nox Cleaner” and press click on the search button.
  • A dialog box will appear, and you will see “Nox Cleaner – Booster, Optimizer, Cache Cleaner” in the first position.
  • Click on it; now you get the file.
  • You will see the “install” button at the top of the right side. Click on it.
  • The installation procedure will be completed within a few seconds.

This is how you can install Nox Cleaner on your Samsung device. Like Nox Cleaner, you can easily install any kind of Android application from the Google Play Store.

How to Use Cleaner App on Samsung Phone

After installing Nox Cleaner on your Samsung device, you will get a shortcut icon of Nox Cleaner in the app section. Click on it to open.

Once open, you will see the junk file status in the middle. Tap on it to clean junk files.

Aside from junk cleaner, you will get many options, including Antivirus, Phone Booster, AppLocker, CPU Cooler, Battery Saver, and more. You can use any feature by clicking on it.

If you want to purchase Nox Cleaner, click on the “upgrade” button located at the top of the right-side corner.

All features are located on the home page of the app. So, you can easily use Nox Cleaner on your Samsung phone.

Similar to Nox Cleaner, you can download any cleaning app for your Samsung device from the best Samsung phone cleaner apps we have explained above.

Is Samsung Phone Cleaner App Safe?

It is not 100% true that all phone cleaner app is safe because most of the phone cleaner app is free and shows a lot of advertisements.

Besides, like CCleaner, many phone cleaner apps have task-killing tools which may damage your Samsung smartphone.

However, only a few phone cleaner apps can work safely on Samsung devices, and you need to download best Samsung phone cleaner app.

Is Cleaning Apps bad for Samsung Phone?

Using the best phone cleaner app for Samsung phones is not bad. This is because it helps you to remove junk files much faster than the manual process.

Also, the phone cleaner helps you to remove hidden files from the phone.


In the above, we have listed the top 10 best Samsung Phone Cleaner Apps. You can use any one of them.

Also, you will find a huge list of phone cleaning app for Samsung online.

Remember that all apps are not working accurately on your Samsung device. Most of them are useless; they use RAM and battery power.

Also, they remove task files that can harm your device’s performance.

So, you need to be careful while installing a phone cleaner app on a Samsung phone.

However, Current Samsung mobiles have their default phone cleaning app. We recommend using it primarily.

Finally, if you use any Samsung phone cleaner app to work, let’s know your experience in the comment box.

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