Samsung M20 SAR Value (Head and Body)

Samsung M20 SAR value is the measure of the rate at which electromagnetic radiation energy emitted from the Samsung Galaxy M20 handset and the base station or mobile tower. All SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) values are expressed in units of watts per kilogram (w/kg). In our daily lives, we have to use various electronic products that produce electromagnetic radiation, and our body’s soft tissue is exposed to this radiofrequency energy.

On the other hand, every human or animal body can absorb a specific amount of energy. However, there is a limit of how much RF a human body can absorb, and when the RF level is higher than the absorption capacity of soft tissue, it will affect and damage the tissue slowly. The more time you are talking over the phone, the more heats it will emit, and your body has to absorb this energy.

The smartphone is one of the gadgets that emit electromagnetic radiation, and we, the humans, have to absorb this energy. Samsung Galaxy M20 also produces RF, and to be on the safe side, we must know how much energy it emits so we can stay safe.

In this post, we will look into the Samsung M20 SAR value—head SAR and body SAR. Besides, you will find the SAR value compared to the SAR value of other Samsung smartphones.

Samsung M20 SAR Value

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy M20

Released in January 2019, Samsung M20 packed with super features including a 6.3-inch display, fingerprint sensor, 13 MP and 5 MP rear, along with 25 MP front cameras. The device is powered by premium the Exynos 7904 chipset and a non-removable Li-Po 5000 mAh battery—it supports fast charging. Besides, you will get 3 GB and 4 GB RAM along with the 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage options. Moreover, the dimension is 6.16 x 2.93 x 0.35 in and the weight is 186 grams.

Samsung M20 SAR Value Measurement

Galaxy M20 SAR value is measured in two ways; head SAR and body SAR. The head SAR value measures the amount of RF you head absorbs when you are talking over the phone, and the Samsung M20 device is close to your head. On the other hand, the body SAR value expressed the amount of energy your body has to absorb while you are keeping the Galaxy M20 smartphone anywhere near your body.

What is the SAR Value of Samsung M20?

  • Head SAR: 0.248 W/kg (EU)
  • Body SAR: 1.591 W/kg (EU)

Standard SAR Value

  • The FCC limit is 1.6 W/KG measured in a volume of 1g of tissue.
  • The EU limit is 2 W/kg averaged over 10 grams of tissue.
  • The Indian Government has set the new SAR limits to 1.6 watts per kg.

What is Samsung Galaxy M20 SAR, why it should matter to you?

When you talk on the Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone, your body is exposed to a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is produced by the transmission of signals between Galaxy M20 and the mobile base station. Here, the SAR shows how much of the radiation created by the device is absorbed by our body, more specifically, human tissue.

Typically, the lower SAR is better for us, and the higher SAR affects our body negatively. So if you know Samsung M20 SAR value, then you will understand it will be safe to use this smartphone or not. That is why in the above section, we have revealed the Samsung M20 SAR value.

In the USA, the FCC is responsible, authorized to control, and monitor the SAR value of all handset models distributed by mobile manufacturers. It has set the maximum SAR value is 1.6 watts per kilogram of bodyweight.

On the other hand, in European countries, the EU, the regulatory board has set the maximum mobile SAR value is 2.0 watts per kilogram.

However, in India, the maximum RF level is 1.6 watts per kilogram, which is similar to the USA standard.

Knowing the SAR value of the smartphone has tremendous health benefits for you. The higher SAR, which has exceeded your country’s standard, is known to harm the human. However, nowadays, maximum smartphone manufacturers produce mobile phones keeping in mind about the SAR; we recommend doing your study for your health and safety.

So when you decide to buy a new phone, at first, find out the SAR value of that device. If the SAR value is higher than the standard, then avoid it no matter how attractive the method is. On the other hand, if you figure out the SAR value of your chosen mobile is below the standard, then go for it.

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Is Samsung M20 Safe to Use?

From the SAR perspective and the above data, we can see that both the head and body SAR value of Samsung M20 are significantly lower than the USA and EU SAR maximum standard. So we can say that it is safe to use.

How to Lower the Exposure to Samsung M20 Radiation?

If you have read the above sections, you have already known the Samsung M20 SAR value from the USA and EU standards. It seemed that the SAR value of this device is lower than both standards. However, the lower radiation does not mean that your body is not exposed to electromagnetic power. No matter which method you are using, your body is still absorbing the radiation; your device is emitted. To lower the RF even further, we have researched and found out a few tips for you. If you can follow these steps, you can reduce the radiation significantly.

  1. Different smartphones emit an unusual amount of radiation. So the first thing you should do before buying a new phone is to check the SAR value of the device. Moreover, we always recommend purchasing the mobile with a lower SAR value.
  2. People usually talk on the phone by keeping the device nearer the head; often, the tool touches the head; however, it seems many people press the cellphone against the head to hear the more precise sound when they are in crowded areas. Also, many individuals talk on the phone for a long time while the device touches the head. These practices are a potential health hazard, and these will increase the RF level; the more you talk, the more heat your body has to absorb.

So while talking on the phone, use headphones, speakerphone, or earpiece to reduce the proximity to the head. However, these wired and wireless sound devices may create some RF energy to the administrator. Still, these earpieces eliminate the higher source of electromagnetic radiation—your cell phone—from closeness to your head and thus can lessen the RF exposure to the head significantly.

  1. Do not talk a long time in one call. After a long time during the call, disconnect the line if you feel the device is heating up.
  2. Try chatting/texting instead of talking, if possible. Of course, do not text while driving.
  3. Always keep the Samsung M20 mobile away from your body and put them in a handbag, purse, or laptop bag.
  4. Avoid putting the Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone in your pocket if the device is pressed up against your body.
  5. Try to increase the distance from the Galaxy M20 device to your body and head.
Elaboration and Terminology
  • SAR: Specific Absorption Rate
  • W/KG: Watts per Kilogram
  • RF: Radio Frequency
  • FCC: Federal Communications Commission
  • EU: European Union

The SAR is one way to understand how safe your device is. In this post, we have shared the Samsung M20 SAR value based on the USA and EU standards. Also, we have mentioned the maximum SAR value set by the FCC and EU. So before purchasing the Samsung device, check the SAR value of Samsung Galaxy M20 from the above. Moreover, follow the safety tips to reduce the radiation coming from the Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone.

If you have any problem regarding the issue of the Samsung M20 SAR value, then let us know in the comment section. We will correct the info. Also, if you cannot find the SAR value of your selected smartphone, then comment below, and we will collect and post the data.

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