Price Chopper Pharmacy Hours: What Time Does Price Chopper Pharmacy Open and Close?

Price Chopper Pharmacy Hours signifies the hours of operation of the pharmacy stores throughout the week to help customers fix a visit to a nearby store without much hassle.

Price Chopper is an American supermarket chain with 131 locations, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

Besides pharmacy services, Price Chopper offers convenience store services selling everyday products.

Almost all the stores have a pharmacy wing or distinctive stores selling medical goods.

Price Chopper Pharmacy is open almost every day a year, except on some festive days.

Price Chopper Pharmacy hours generally start at 8:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM on regular days. however, on weekends, the stores open at 9:00 AM and closes at 5:00 PM

Price Chopper Pharmacy Hours of Operation

Price Chopper Pharmacy Hours

Price Chopper Pharmacy hours typically start at 8:00 AM from Monday to Friday and end at 8:00 PM.

Of course, the hours of operation can vary from store location to location.

It will be a smart step for you if you consider checking the Price Chopper Pharmacy hours near you via store locator or Google Maps.

But the given timetable is pretty much accurate all over the USA, so you can rest assured while following it.

Price Chopper Pharmacy generally maintains a twelve-hour schedule every day.

Weekdays Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 8:00 AM 8:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM 8:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM 8:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM 8:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM 8:00 PM

Price Chopper Pharmacy Hours Saturday

On Saturday, Price Chopper Pharmacy does not change its opening hour.

Price Chopper Pharmacy Hours starts at 9:00 AM on this particular weekend.

However, Price Chopper Pharmacy’s closing hour on Saturday does change considerably.

Price Chopper Pharmacy stores close three hours earlier than the weekdays.

The stores are closed at 5:00 PM every Saturday, maintain nine working hours.

Weekend Opening Hours Closing Hours
Saturday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM

Price Chopper Pharmacy Hours Sunday

On Sunday, Price Chopper Pharmacy follows the same timetable as Saturday.

The opening hour of Price Chopper Pharmacy is 9:00 AM on Sunday.

The stores remain open for eight hours and close at 5:00 PM.

Weekend Opening Hours Closing Hours
Sunday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM

What Time Does Price Chopper Pharmacy Open?

Price Chopper Pharmacy maintains the same opening hours throughout the year.

On weekdays and Saturdays, Price Chopper Pharmacy opens at 8:00 AM. They tend to be open for twelve hours.

Only on Sunday, Price Chopper Pharmacy opens an hour later than the other days, remain open for eight hours.

And again, on Monday they tend to open at 8:00 AM after having the stores closed for fifteen hours.

What Time Does Price Chopper Pharmacy Close?

Price Chopper Pharmacy closes at 8:00 PM after completing twelve working hours.

However, the stores on Saturday and Sunday close three hours early than the weekdays. For example, price Chopper Pharmacy stores close at 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

The stores remain closed for fifteen hours on Saturday before opening the stores an hour later on Sunday.

Again, the stores remain closed for fifteen hours this weekend.

The stores again start the hours at 8:00 AM on Monday.

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Price Chopper Pharmacy Holiday Hours

Here is a list of Price Chopper Pharmacy Hours on holidays. They remain open for most special days except for Christmas day and Easter Sunday.

And Price Chopper Pharmacy store may reduce their working hours in some of the holidays.

Price Chopper Pharmacy is Closed on the following days –

  • Christmas Day – December 25
  • Easter Sunday- April 17

Price Chopper Pharmacy is open on the following days-

  • Martin Luther King, Jr Day- January 18
  • Valentine’s Day -February 14
  • Presidents Day -February 15
  • Mardi Gras – March 1
  • St. Patrick’s Day- March 17
  • Black Friday- April 15
  • Tax Day- April 15
  • Easter Sunday- April 17
  • Easter Monday- April 18
  • Memorial Day- May 31
  • Memorial Day Cinco de Mayo- May 5
  • Mother’s Day – May 8
  • Father’s Day- June 19
  • Bad Weather Days
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Columbus Day- October 11
  • Halloween- October 31
  • Veterans Day- November 11
  • Black Friday- November 25
  • Christmas Eve- December 24

Price Chopper Pharmacy Hours May Reduce on the following days

  • New Year’s Day 6:00 am-11:00 pm
  • Christmas Eve 6:00AM-6:00PM
  • Boxing Day (December 26) 6:00AM-11:00PM
  • New Year’s Eve 6:00 am-10:00 pm

Price Chopper Pharmacy Hours May Vary on the following days –

  • New Year’s Day- January 1
  • Family Day- February 21
  • Good Friday- April 15
  • Victoria Day- May 23
  • St. Jean Baptiste Day (Quebec)- June 24
  • Canada Day- July 1
  • Civic Holiday/British Columbia Day/Heritage Day/Natal Day/New Brunswick Day/Regatta Day/Saskatchewan Day/Simcoe Day- August 21
  • Labor Day- September 6
  • Thanksgiving Day- November 24
  • Remembrance Day- November 11
  • Boxing Day-December 26

Price Chopper Pharmacy Hours Near Me

To know the exact opening and closing hours of Price Chopper Pharmacy, you might want to follow the given directions.

You can use the STORE LOCATOR on the Price Chopper Pharmacy website to get the details.

  • Browse
  • On the left side of the website, you will see the menu.
  • Expand the menu and find LOCATIONS.
  • Click on the option, and you will find the page
  • You can enter your address, city, or zip code in the search box to pinpoint your location, or you can search by store number.
  • There is a list of some potential location Price Chopper have their stores in. You may also search for your location by clicking on the city names.
  • For example, if you click on New Hampshire, 4 locations (Keene, Lincoln, West Lebanon) will appear on your webpage.
  • Click on the location you are in.
  • You will find a list of stores in the selected location with pharmacy hours and other additional information in it.
  • Or you can click on the GET DIRECTION button that will redirect you to google maps.

You can directly use the Google Map Service to find a store near you.

  • Go to Google Maps on your phone.
  • Type ” Price Chopper Pharmacy ” or “Postal Code, City, or State or store number “
  • Either turn on your GPS to get the best service on your phone or type your location manually.
  • Get the detailed pharmacy hours info and address near your area.

Knowing about the stores becomes much easier if you have the Price Chopper Pharmacy mobile app.

Pharmacy: Mobile App

  • Download the Price Chopper Pharmacy app from your Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Make sure your GPS is on.
  • Search for the store locator option on the app or click the Find a Pharmacy option.
  • Allow the app locator to locate you and the Pharmacy nearest.
  • The app will show you possibly the nearby Price Chopper Pharmacy locations and the distance between you and the store.
  • Price Chopper Pharmacy app will show you the Pharmacy Hours of your nearest Pharmacy Stores and their operating hours then and there.

Price Chopper Pharmacy Contact Information

Price Chopper Pharmacy Services

  • Price Chopper Pharmacy provides COVID 19 Vaccination and testing to fight against the pandemic.
  • You can speak with their Pharmacy Team to coordinate your medication so that you don’t miss a dose.
  • Price Chopper Pharmacy’s COURTESY REFILLS program offers you an automatic prescription filing service. They will let you know via a call or text to know when your prescription is ready.
  • There is also a mobile text alert to alert you for your daily medication.
  • The mobile app helps you fill your prescription and gives you pharmacy details.
  • Price Chopper Pharmacy lets you transfer your prescription, stop by or call your local Pharmacy with your prescription bottle as well.
  • Price Chopper Pharmacy offers Resources to help you manage and live with high blood pressure.
  • The pharmacy stores have sufficient nutrition, health, and wellness supplies, and they help you manage through a balanced nutrition plan.
  • Price Chopper is happy to help you with your Medicare. They offer a free service to make you comfortable with your Medi plans.
  • Price Chopper Serves patients with chronic and complex health conditions.

Price Chopper WIKI

Trade name Price Chopper & Market 32
Type Private
Industry Retail
Founded 1932 (Schenectady, New York)
Headquarters Schenectady, New York
Number of Location 131
Headquarter Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S.
Number of Location 600 U.S.
Areas Served Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont


Products Bakery, dairy (Gozy’s home), deli, frozen foods, floral, general grocery, meat, PharmacyPharmacy, sushi, produce, seafood, snacks, liquor
Parent Northeast Grocery, Inc
Pharmacy Website


In this article, we tried to provide you with an informative piece that will help you pinpoint of Price Chopper Pharmacy Hours.

The regular hours including opening and closing hours on weekdays and weekends and hours on holidays are mentioned thoroughly in this article.

If you have further questions about the operating hours of the Price Chopper pharmacy stores, we said how you could contact their customer service.

We tried to cover every approach you can use to contact Price Chopper Pharmacy.

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