How to Unlock Alcatel A3 – Forgot Password, Pattern Lock, or PIN

Here is the complete guide on how to unlock Alcatel A3 if forgot password, pattern lock, screen lock, and PIN with or without losing data.

Forgetting the password, screen lock code, pattern lock, or PIN of your Alcatel A3 you have just set them last night or a few days back is the typical scenario.

The result is that you have locked out of your phone, and you have to reset your device’s password.

In that case, you have to unlock the phone by bypassing or removing all kinds of locks. There are several methods to unlock your phone.

However, there is a catch. When you try to unlock Alcatel A3, you will lose all data and files.

The good news is that we have found a few techniques about how to unlock Alcatel A3 without losing data.

In this post, you will learn the following solutions on how to unlock Alcatel A3 if you forgot password, pattern lock, screen lock, and PIN.

  • Unlock your Alcatel A3 when you have forgotten your password, pattern lock, and PIN
  • Bypass lock screen code or password
  • Remove Alcatel A3 pattern lock, password, fingerprint, and PIN
  • Hard reset and Factory reset Alcatel A3 device
  • Unlock password on your phone without losing data
  • Recover password, pattern lock, or PIN
  • Password reset without losing data

Every method has pros and cons. Also, one way may not work for you.

So we have listed multiple ways to remove screen lock, pattern lock, and password from your Alcatel A3 smartphone.

How to Unlock Alcatel A3 without Losing Data

How to Unlock Alcatel Smartphone

Let’s start with a common question: how to unlock Alcatel A3 phone if forgot pattern lock, password, screen lock, or PIN without factory reset and data loss.

Last night, I set a new password on my Alcatel A3, but today I forgot it, and I am locked out of my phone. Now, how do I unlock my Alcatel A3 without losing data?

You can find this common question all over the internet.

If you are one of them searching for the solution to unlock or reset the password without losing data, then you are in the right place.

How to Unlock Alcatel A3 Pattern Lock without Factory Reset

There are several ways you can bypass the lock screen, pattern lock, password, and PIN of your Alcatel A3 without factory/hard reset.

These methods do not delete your data, user info, and personal files.

However, most of them are Google and Android related. These are the effective methods to unlock Alcatel A3 if forgot pattern lock, password, or PIN without factory reset.

  • Google Find My Device or Android Device Manager
  • Google Account
  • Google Security Questions
  • Android SDK Tool
  • Emergency Call

Here are the details and step-by-step solutions on how to unlock Alcatel A3 password without factory reset and losing data.

Method 1: How to Unlock Alcatel A3 using Google Find My Device

How to unlock Alcatel A3 locked by Google Find My Device without password and losing data?

Well, the Android Device Manager is another way to unlock your phone without losing data and locked by the Find My Device option.

However, to reset the Alcatel A3 pattern lock or password, you must have enabled Android Device Manager on your phone.

Fortunately, ADM will be enabled as soon as you log in to your phone using Google account info.

Google Find My Device is a popular way to locate your lost phone mainly.

Using this method, you will allow Google to use your location info, phone information, and connection log to find your Alcatel A3.

To unlock password on Alcatel A3 without losing data using ADM, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to from another smartphone or your computer.

Step 2: Now, sign in using your Google account, which you have used on your locked Alcatel A3 smartphone.

Step 3: When the Android Device Manager dashboard will appear, you will see your locked Alcatel A3. Also, you can find three options: Ring, Lock and Erase.

Step 4: Now, click on the “Lock” button.

Step 5: Here, you will get the new lock screen. Type a password in the “New Password” field that is not your Google account password to unlock your Alcatel A3.

Step 6: Type the new password again in the “Confirm password” field. This password lock will replace your current lock screen.

Step 7: Write any message in the “Recovery message” field that is optional. So you can leave it empty or type anything.

Step 8: Similarly, put your other phone number in the “Phone number” field. However, that is also optional.

Step 9: After typing the password and filing up the optional field if you want, click on the “Lock” button.

Step 10: Within a few seconds, you will see a confirmation message if the process is successful, and your Alcatel A3 device will be unlocked.

Step 11: When your device is unlocked, go to the “Settings” menu and navigate the “Screen Settings” menu.

Step 12: Disable the temporary password and type a new password. You can use the temporary password if you want without any issue.

However, Android Device Manager or Google Find My Device unlocks your Alcatel A3 only under the below conditions.

  • Your Alcatel A3 phone must be switched on.
  • The Android Device Manager or Google Find My Device must be activated on your phone before it is locked.
  • The GPS of your Alcatel A3 must be switched on.
  • Your device must be connected to the WiFi so that you can log in to your Google account.
  • You need to turn on the location settings on your phone.

Method 2: How to Remove Alcatel A3 Pattern Lock by Google Account

You can unlock Alcatel A3 using the simple forgot pattern, PIN or password, and Google account login method.

It is an easy-to-use method but works only if you remember your Google account login info you have used on your locked device.

This method will not lose any data from your device. Now, to remove Alcatel A3 pattern lock, PIN, or password, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Switch on your Alcatel A3 mobile phone.

Step 2: Enter or type the wrong pattern, password, or PIN five times.

Step 2: After attempting to log in using the wrong pattern, you will see the “Forgot pattern” option. Now, click on the “Forgot pattern” button.

Step 3: Type your backup PIN or your Google account ID and password.

Step 4: Now, click the “OK” or “Sign in” button.

Step 5: After that, your Alcatel A3 phone will be unlocked.

Method 3: How to Reset Alcatel A3 Pattern Lock with Google Security Questions

How to unlock Alcatel A3 if forgot PIN, pattern, or password?

Using Google security questions to reset the Alcatel A3 pattern lock is simple if you forgot PIN without losing data.

This method requires you to answer a few security questions you have set while creating a Google account.

Follow the steps below to unlock and reset the Alcatel A3 password, pattern lock, or PIN.

Step 1: Switch on your Alcatel A3 by pressing the power button.

Step 2: Similar to unlocking by Google account, type the wrong password or pattern multiple times until you see the “Forgot pattern” option.

Step 3: Now, tap on the “Forgot pattern” button, and the unlock screen will show up.

Step 4: You will see two options to unlock the screen: Answer questions and enter Google account details. Select the “Answer question” option.

Step 5: Now, write the exact security answers you have provided while creating a Google account.

Step 6: Tap on the “Unlock” button below.

Step 7: Now, select the “YES” option from the “YES” or “NO” menu, and the password field will appear.

Step 8: Type a new password, PIN, or draw a new pattern.

Step 9: Wait to complete the process, and within a few seconds, your Alcatel A3 will be unlocked.

Method 4: How to Delete Alcatel A3 Password, PIN, or Pattern with Android SDK Tool

How to unlock Alcatel A3 phone from a computer without resetting and losing data?

If your Alcatel A3 device has USB Debugging earlier, then you will be able to unlock password, pattern, or PIN from your phone without deleting data.

This method is for advanced users only who can perform an ADB command prompt. Also, you will need a desktop or laptop to delete the password.

Now, read the steps below and follow them accordingly.

Step 1: Download Android SDK Tool and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Connect your Alcatel A3 phone to the computer via USB cable.

Step 3: Open the command prompt in the ADB directory.

Step 4: Now, write the command “ADB shell rm /data/system/gesture. the key” and hit the “Enter” button on the keyboard.

Step 5: Restart your Alcatel A3 device, and your lock screen, pattern, password, or PIN will be deleted.

Step 6: Go to the “Screen Settings” option and set a new pattern, password, or password before restarting again.

Method 5: How to Unlock Alcatel A3 using Emergency Call

If you forgot the password for your Alcatel A3 and wanted to unlock it using the emergency call feature, you can follow the steps below. However, there is a catch to this method.

You will be able to unlock your phone using emergency calls and without losing data only if the device is running on Android 5.0 or below versions.

Here is the complete guide on how to unlock Alcatel A3 using emergency call.

Step 1: Switch on your Alcatel A3 and swipe to unlock.

Step 2: Now, tap on the “Emergency” option to make an emergency call.

Step 3: Type a string of special symbols such as asterisks ten or twelve times.

Step 4: Copy the symbols and paste them on the screen.

Step 5: Again, tap on the screen and paste your copied symbols.

Step 6: Repeat this process 10-12 times until you cannot paste any string.

Step 7: Now, navigate to the lock screen and tap on the “Camera” icon to open the app.

Step 8: Swipe down the notification bar from the top.

Step 9: Now, go to the device settings by tapping on the gear icon from the screen’s top.

Step 10: When the password option comes, long tap and paste the copied symbols.

Step 11: Paste the strings multiple times until this option is gone.

Step 12: Keep pasting the symbols until the UI is crashed.

Step 13: Within a few seconds, the camera app will be crashed, and the Alcatel A3 will be unlocked.

Step 14: You will see your phone’s home screen, and you can quickly enter your device.

For more details

How to Unlock Alcatel A3 by Factory Reset/ Hard Reset

In the above sections, we have discussed multiple methods of how to unlock your Alcatel A3 without losing data.

We have prioritized different techniques that do not delete data from your phone while unlocking.

However, if you fail to unlock your phone using the above methods, you have to bypass Alcatel A3 password, pattern, or PIN with a hard reset. But this method will wipe everything from your phone.

Though many users know hard reset and factory reset are the same methods, these are not the same.

Still, many users search for how to unlock Alcatel A3 password with the factory reset, but they actually mean the hard reset technique.

If you forgot the password, pattern, or fingerprint of your Alcatel A3 phone, you could not perform a factory reset because it requires phone access.

However, you can perform a hard reset using the power and volume keys of your mobile.

Method 1: How to Unlock Alcatel A3 Password with Factory Reset/ Hard Reset

If you forgot your password and your Alcatel A3 is locked, applying the hard reset method is the first choice you can perform.

This is the favoured method to unlock the pattern lock and screen lock of any Android smartphone. By pressing a few buttons of the device, you can hard reset your phone within 10 seconds to 20 minutes.

However, a hard reset will remove screen lock, password, pattern lock, or PIN from your Alcatel A3; it will wipe all data and user info too.

To unlock Alcatel A3 with the hard reset, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Switch off your Alcatel A3 mobile.

Step 2: Hold the “Volume down” and the “Power key” buttons for a few seconds and wait till the display goes dark.

Step 3: When you see the dark screen, you should press the “Volume Up” and the “Power” buttons for a few more seconds.

Step 4: If you do step 3 correctly, you will see the Alcatel logo. Now, release all buttons and keys.

Step 5: After releasing all buttons, a dark screen with a few options will appear.

Step 6: Now, choose the “Wipe data/factory reset” option from the menu. You can use the “Volume Up” key to scroll up through the menu, the “Volume Down” key to scroll down, and the “Power” key to select.

Step 7: Then, you will see the Android Recovery screen. From the menu, select the “Yes” option by the “Volume Down” button and the “Power” key for confirmation.

Step 8: From the next display, choose the “Reboot system now” with the “Power” key.

You are done. You have completed the hard reset on your Alcatel A3. Now your device is the password, pattern lock, screen lock, and PIN free.

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How to Secure Alcatel A3 after Unlocking

If your Alcatel A3 is unlocked by following any of the above methods, you should take a few steps to secure your device.

Here, we have discussed a few measures to secure your phone after unlocking. So you will be able to unlock your Alcatel A3 in the future.

  • After unlocking and resetting the password, pattern, or PIN, write down the new password on a secure place like a diary, PC, cloud, or another phone.
  • Write the new Google account info on any secure place so that you can find them in the future if you locked your Alcatel A3 again.
  • Activate USB Debugging and Google Find My Device on your Alcatel A3 mobile phone.
  • Periodically, back up your essential files from your phone to somewhere safe to prevent data loss if you have to unlock the phone with the factory reset.

Disclaimer and Warning

All of the above techniques are for how to unlock Alcatel A3 smartphone. These methods are for general and educational purposes only.

We highly recommend using these methods to your device only; also, you can use these tips to unlock as a technician by following the actual owner permission, legal, and manufacturer guidelines.

However, you should not try to unlock someone’s Alcatel A3 using our techniques.

Also, we cannot guarantee that the listed methods will work successfully. So we suggest consulting with the experts before following the tutorials.

We,, will not be responsible by any means if you damage your Alcatel A3 using our guidelines.

The accident can happen, and your Alcatel A3 can be locked permanently if you forgot your password.

In the above sections, we discussed and shared several methods about how to unlock Alcatel A3 if forgot password without losing data. Also, you have found one technique to unlock your Alcatel A3 with the factory reset.

We have tried to explain each method as clearly as possible. Also, you can see the necessary precautions and warnings related to each method.

If your Alcatel A3 smartphone is locked and you have forgotten your password, then you can try to apply each method.

However, if one method fails, and then you can try another technique until your phone is fully unlocked.

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