How To Make The Move Worth It

People spend approximately $2000 on shifting. In the busy season, changing houses can cost up to $7500. The price varies and depends on the size of the house and the amount of stuff to move. In the low season, moving for a studio apartment can go as low as $400.

In Boston, the high season is from April to September. Consider getting the company, movers Newton, MA who will responsibly move your things in a reasonable price. Here is a detailed guide on how to get the maximum from a moving company.

How To Make The Move Worth It

1.  Get Insurance

Every moving company provides insurance for damaged and missing stuff after the move. The insurance costs you extra money, but it is worth it when you compare the price of furniture or other important items.

Sometimes there are scratches or removal of color from the surface of the furniture, the insurance will cover the smallest damage. However, the movers won’t insure expensive jewelry and stones. This insurance is applicable only for pieces of furniture.

2.  Get a Total Breakdown Of Prices

After you submit your request along with the dates, a complete list of items to be moved, and the building details, the moving company would provide a quote. Most often you would get a complete breakdown of the price.

In case you don’t, you can always ask for an invoice or a quote where they explain all the prices. You might even want to ask about any hidden costs that can show up later.

3.  Get Your Quote Revised

You don’t have to accept the quote then and there. If there is something you don’t understand, you can always ask them. Or ask for a revision of the quote. For example, maybe they included the price for 2 flights of stairs while there is a lift in the building.

These are small mistakes but can bring a difference of about $100 in the price. A lot of customers ask for quote revisions. There is nothing to be ashamed of or worried about while getting a revision.

4.  Avoid Additional Costs

The additional costs during moving are included when you move during the high season, and when you move during the evening and weekends. These are the favorite times for most people and if you want to be included, the movers will add an extra amount.

Also, if you don’t plan your move, some moving companies might have an express fee and others will simply not accept your order as they would be fully booked out.

5.  Know The Building Rules

The new building you are moving to will have certain rules. You might have to apply if you want to access the service lift, or if the backdoor is needed. It is better if you get the information about the building before and convey them to the movers.

Also, they need to know if they need to walk after parking the moving truck, the width, and height of the entrance, lift, or stairs, how many flights of stairs, and the width of the stairs. These details can have a great influence on the price.

6.  Ask for Hidden Costs

As already said, moving companies have several hidden costs. They might not reveal it in the beginning. Even the movers might not know if they don’t have proper information before the quote.

They will add the extra cost after the move, and it might be several hundred dollars. The best way to avoid that is to give them detailed information about all the items you have, the distance, the floors, and other things that they need.

7.  Friends and Family Discount

Another thing you might want to do is to get the friends and family discount. This is a perfect review in real-time that you can get. You must let the moving company know that you got to know about them from a family member or a friend.

That way, you might be eligible for a friend and family discount. However, not all companies provide this discount. You might want to look through their website or call them and ask if they have such a discount.

They might have some offers from time to time. If your move is not limited by time, then you can delay the move and avail of the offer.


Those are some ways you can get a move that is worth the amount you paid. Always make sure you don’t pay blindly for whatever they ask. Always ask for a proper invoice. If you don’t understand a certain amount or need clarification, then you can always call the moving company.

Or you may even write an email if you cannot reach through. Most movers answer within a few minutes or hours, depending on the number of queries they have. Your move might be expensive or cheap, but make every dollar count.

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