How to Speed up BLU Life One X (2016) Phone

Do you need to speed up BLU Life One X (2016) phone? Well, check our top tips and tutorials to make BLU Life One X (2016) run faster.

Android smartphones, such as the BLU Life One X (2016), are blazingly fast these days, thanks to processors, RAM, and storage types that all work together to make it snappy.

If more junk files like archived records, redundant files, and directories are stored in the BLU Life One X (2016), these will slow down your device over time.

As a result, most of us download an antivirus app or cleaning app that does it in one swipe. But what if we told you that you could speed up your Android smartphone in a variety of ways?

In this post, we’ll share how to Speed Up BLU Life One X (2016) smartphone.

How to Speed up BLU Life One X (2016)

The BLU Life One X (2016) is a charming and decent mobile. With a compact design and excellent configuration, it has created hype in the market after release.

BLU Life One X (2016) is sharp as well as shiny, and the phone performance is overall good.

But the BLU Life One X (2016) sometimes slows down for several reasons, which is a common thing for any mobile phone.

Looking for tips on fixing BLU Life One X (2016) that’s running slow as your used BLU Life One X (2016) phone is getting extra slow?

Here we have presented some tips to get rid of this problem. So, let’s take a look at how to make BLU Life One X (2016) phone faster.

How to Make BLU Life One X (2016) Run Faster

Which do Android users ask the most common question? How to make my BLU Life One X (2016) phone run faster? How to speed up my BLU Life One X (2016) phone?

Okay, every android user dream of how their mobile phone will run faster than usual because the slow device is annoying to operate.

But do you think that is true? For example, can you make your BLU Life One X (2016) phone faster than its default configuration?

After all, we want to redesign the BLU Life One X (2016) to slow down our smartphones to install applications and use them daily.

These applications run in real-time and take up the memory, storage, and other device resources.

What could be different ways to use BLU Life One X (2016) efficiently to reduce lags and freeze as much as possible, if not entirely?

Now, below are some tips and tricks to how to speed up slow BLU Life One X (2016) phone.

How to Speed Up BLU Smartphone

18 Ways to Speed Up BLU Life One X (2016) Phone

1. Keep the Apps you use; the rest are garbage.

Each BLU Life One X (2016) tips and tricks guide advises you to keep only the apps you use daily. Doesn’t that seem obvious?

But, would you save in your home to stay irrational things for free?

Do we have to store these valuable things in our smartphones even if we have useless things in our house or room?

The various applications inside the BLU Life One X (2016) run continuously and stay connected by connecting to the internet to keep working.

And if these applications do us no good, they will burden the hardware and increase our data bills. And getting rid of this kind of application would be a wise step.

So, it is possible to increase the speed by permanently deleting the unnecessary apps on your BLU Life One X (2016) phone.

2. Hard Reset your BLU Life One X (2016)

If you are looking for a simple method on how to Make BLU Life One X (2016) Run Faster, it may be most effective.

If you do a hard reset to your BLU Life One X (2016), then all the phone data will be deleted, and the phone’s storage will be clean.

This will increase the performance of your BLU Life One X (2016) phone compared to the previous.

At the same time, the random-access memory of your BLU Life One X (2016) will start working like new again. However, you need to back up all the data before performing a hard reset.

The main reason for this is a hard reset because all the data in your BLU Life One X (2016) storage will erase.

3. Clear application cache

You don’t need some regular apps, but these apps are essential for your work. So you need to place those apps on your device.

Then choose the apps you use to book flights, hotels, and food orders.

Try removing the cached data of such applications in the settings to speed up your BLU Life One X (2016).

In addition, clearing any app’s cached data sometimes helps to make the application smoother as it removes old data.

Your device may slow down and freeze and crash for old data accumulates. However, when you delete, the app can keep newer versions of the same things.

This method helps large apps like Facebook and Instagram store many images and other data on your device.

4. Clean the system memory several times during the day

BLU Life One X (2016) has excellent task management skills. It can automatically shut down all unwanted processes running on the device whenever needed.

But this old-school thing, I can tell you, will help you a lot if your device has a RAM deficit.

Nowadays, almost every device has a default way to free up system memory.

If not, you should consider installing one of the top 10 best BLU phone cleaner apps on your device.

Clearing the BLU Life One X (2016) phone’s RAM can increase the instant performance of the device because it shuts down various unwanted applications that capture the Android phone’s precious memory and speeds up your device’s performance.

5. Use lighter versions of apps, if available.

The Lite version is a shortened version of any software application available with a new UI or freely available from a website.

The Lite version may have limited functionality or may support by advertising or both.

Also, the lite versions usually have no technical support. However, many popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Opera also have their ‘lite’ versions.

These lightweight apps are designed for entry-level smartphones and design for users who want to keep their apps simple or use something simple.

Using a lighter version of any application will improve the performance of your BLU Life One X (2016) phone. They also lower your data bills, which is one reason why these types of apps exist.

6. Update your BLU Life One X (2016) regularly

Each new version of any Android comes with various performance improvements. So, upgrading your BLU Life One X (2016) can work wonders if your vendor is kind enough to let someone go and speed up Android.

Alternatively, you can move on to custom ROMs for your Android device. Please note that using custom ROMs usually comes in the Android Performance tips section for experienced users.

7. Don’t update your BLU Life One X (2016) too much.

Now, this may seem a bit unusual. Okay, keeping your BLU Life One X (2016) phone up to date is one of the tips and tricks to keep your Android device looking good, which almost every user will suggest.

But there is a downside to everything.

If your BLU Life One X (2016) has low storage and is a few years old, upgrading to a newer version will take up the space it needs, which is not possible for the device.

The device storage will then be so constricted that the device will not have the capacity to hold the necessary messages of a person’s daily routine.

If you suddenly need to download an app, it will not be possible. As a result, you will need to buy a new phone.

8. Think before you install an app on BLU Life One X (2016)

It’s been almost a decade since Android came into existence, and the number of apps on the platform now stands at millions.

But not all of these countless apps and games are designed by developers with good intentions.

Many Android applications are fake and want to control your device, steal valuable data and send it to their masters.

Google recently launched the Play Protection tool to scan such applications. As a result, you can make your BLU Life One X (2016) faster with this alternative method indirectly.

However, you should verify your authenticity before installing an unknown application, even if you download it from the Play Store.

Moreover, it is not wise to download an application from an anonymous website.

9. Format your SD Card

A malicious SD card can be one of the reasons you frequently encounter that hang or system crash your BLU Life One X (2016).

Temporary files and junk caches created by various applications are sometimes stored on the SD card.

Formatting the SD card removes only the unnecessary junk of the Android system’s files and multiple applications. As a result, the used Android device becomes more efficient.

Besides, duplicate or low-priced SD cards available in the market should avoid whether they are single SD cards or not.

Because with all those SD cards, your favorite BLU Life One X (2016) device can be infected with a virus. That can reduce the functionality of the device.

10. Set apps to update only over Wi-Fi

Many apps keep updating themselves in the background to keep the information fresh or do other things like upload files, photos, and videos. Unfortunately, this causes the BLU Life One X (2016) device to slow down.

Thus, it is possible to speed up your BLU Life One X (2016) device a bit by disabling the background data.

This is why applications are sometimes banned from connecting to the internet and using system resources.

Also, turning off background data for mobile networks will help you save your internet bills.

Alternatively, you can turn off auto-sync on your Android device if you want to prevent Google from syncing your device.

For example, to turn off auto-update in Google Play, select Settings> Auto-update apps> Auto-update apps via Wi-Fi only.

11. Use fingerprint sensor

Most Android devices nowadays include a fingerprint sensor. But, now, using it will not increase any performance on your device.

However, you will waste time entering the pattern or giving the PIN to unlock your device.

The fingerprint sensors of any flagship or suitable device can unlock your Android phone at about 0.5 second’s average.

In the case of pins and patterns, the time can be as low as 5-8 seconds, which exists on the BLU Life One X (2016).

12. A simple restart is what your BLU Life One X (2016) needs sometimes.

This applies more to our computers; Restarting the machine can help them make their way through the rigid bar.

This can happen in the case of the BLU Life One X (2016) similarly.

Restarting will delete temporary files to speed up Android and clears the phone memory when you reboot your BLU Life One X (2016).

This process is also allowing your BLU Life One X (2016) phone to gain some speed faster than before.

13. Keep your stuff in the cloud, free your internal memory.

Uploading valuable files from BLU Life One X (2016) to cloud storage is a clever way.

This will make your data accessible across devices and free up valuable internal particular space on BLU Life One X (2016) phones that applications installed on that device can use.

A critical fact everyone needs to keep in mind is that internal storage plays an essential role in your BLU Life One X (2016) phone performance.

So, it is necessary to keep the RAM storage of your used BLU Life One X (2016) mobile empty as much as possible and try uploading files from your BLU Life One X (2016) to the best cloud storage provides like Google Drive.

14. Don’t put too much stuff on the home screen.

The use of live wallpapers and various widgets on the display screen of your BLU Life One X (2016) device makes the home screen much more beautiful.

But under the hood, all these factors put more load on the hardware and significantly impact the BLU Life One X (2016) device’s performance.

As a result, the device sometimes freezes or starts to lag.

Sometimes, you’ve probably seen that your Android system sometimes has home screen loading problems when you use some heavy apps or try to participate in serious games.

One of the many ways you can speed up your BLU Life One X (2016) is to use very few widgets on the home screen.

Avoid live wallpapers as much as possible. A live wallpaper slows down the BLU Life One X (2016) as well as reduces the charge of the mobile.

So, it is possible to increase the BLU Life One X (2016) device’s speed by not using useless things on the home screen.

15. Install apps on the internal memory

Smartphones with little internal RAM will only breathe after listening to it. However, having about 16 GB of internal memory is relatively standard, even for Android phones of any budget.

Anyone can install the app on their internal memory because it is faster and more reliable than most external SD cards.

That’s probably one of the reasons why premium smartphones like the iPhone and Pixel don’t have an SD card slot.

Both SD cards and internal memory are flash-based storage, but the effect of compatibility and functionality plays a significant role here. However, internal storage is better in most cases.

16. Try other launchers made for Android.

Custom launchers are a great way to transform your Android system into a brand-new model seriously.

However, a customized launcher may no longer be in a position to provide a considerable hardware-related overall performance boost.

Some launchers consume very little storage and CPU space compared to others.

So, installing a lightweight, the customized launcher can make your BLU Life One X (2016) virtually faster.

Additionally, a variety of shortcuts, customizations, and a variety of choices can help you get your BLU Life One X (2016) up and running quickly.

These apps can limit the potential waste of time to discover different apps and settings on people’s phones.

17. Root your BLU Life One X (2016) phone

Is rooting BLU Life One X (2016) going to make it run faster? Yes, in a certain way.

However, rooting doesn’t contain sprinkling some holy water to acquire extraordinary overall performance boosts.

In reality, it’s what you do after rooting your BLU Life One X (2016) that would possibly make the gadget faster, or worse, it may make it slower if you do matter the incorrect way.

Please be aware that rooting voids the BLU Life One X (2016) phone’s warranty, so proceed with caution.

Most BLU Life One X (2016) users root their gadgets to remove the bloatware — apps pre-installed on the Smartphone — which one can’t delete directly.

Popular Android Rooting Tools:

18. Reset your BLU Life One X (2016)

Last but not least, the ultimate option to speed up your BLU Life One X (2016) phone is a factory reset. You may consider that your device has slowed down to a level that it can’t even do the basic tasks.

There are two ways you can reset your BLU Life One X (2016). First, check the settings and use the factory reset option there.

This will perform a soft reset of your device, including resetting device settings and deleting all data like photos, videos, apps, cache, etc.

You need to boot into recovery mode and hard reset the BLU Life One X (2016) device for deep cleaning.

Recovery mode can access by pressing the power and volume down buttons for about 5 to 10 seconds after turning off the phone.

You should stick with the first method because it will fix things for you in most cases. However, to keep in mind is to back up your data before doing anything like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my BLU Life One X (2016) running slow?

The age of any device cannot always be the main reason behind its slowness. For example, a phone or tablet starts to lag due to a lack of storage space.

If your phone or tablet is full of many pictures, videos, and applications, the device may slow down or lag. So, leave enough space.

2. Do BLU Life One X (2016) phones get slower over time?

Yes! Actually, after a few months of usage, BLU Life One X (2016) phone start to slow down, roughly 12-18 months. Not only do BLU Life One X (2016) phone slow down dramatically, but it hangs a lot.

3. How can I speed up my BLU Life One X (2016)?

We’ve provided some tips on how to fix BLU Life One X (2016) that’s running slow. By following these tips, you can set your slow BLU Life One X (2016) phone.

4. How do I stop my BLU Life One X (2016) phone from lagging?

To stop your BLU Life One X (2016) phone lagging, you can Boot your phone into safe mode, remove unnecessary apps and malicious and backups, and do factory data reset.


You’ll find many more ways on the internet to increase the speed of the BLU Life One X (2016). But these are some of the essential tips to speed up your Android device.

You can increase the speed of your BLU Life One X (2016) or keep the instrument like new through the above methods.

If the above ways use any person to accept the device for its user, its device will undoubtedly survive. So, if you are looking for several methods to Speed Up BLU Life One X (2016), you can follow our highlighted procedures. By following those steps, you will be able to run BLU Life One X (2016) faster.

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