Circle K Hours: What Time Does Circle K Open and Close?

Circle K stores is an international chain of convenience stores, a convenience retailing industry that spans more than 71 years.

It carries beverages for energizing, satisfying, warming up, cooling down, or quenching your thirst.

Also, get your food solution, whether it’s for on the go, at work, or anywhere and between treat time, lunchtime, or anytime.

To plan a visit to the world’s preferred destination for convenience and fuel, knowledge of Circle K Hours in advance is must needed topic for one.

We shared in our article about Circle K Hours to fulfill that need. Here we have included Car Wash Hours, Money Order Hours, Drive-Thru Hours, Gas Station Hours, Holiday Hours, and nearby Circle K Hours.

Circle K Hours of Operation

Circle K Hours

Circle K has 9,799 stores in North America, 2,697 stores in Europe, and an additional 2.380 stores operating under franchise agreements worldwide.

Among these stores, approximately 13% of stores worldwide do not sell gasoline, and this amount of stores might have different hours.

Except for those, all Circle K convenience stores are open 24 hours a day on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

Circle K does not alter or reduce its hours of operation, even on weekends. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), Circle K is also open 24 hours a day.

Circle K stores are open not only on the general days but also on several national holidays.

However, depending on their needs and demands, they might adjust their operating schedule during the holiday season.

This article identifies whether the stores are open or closed during holidays like Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Eve.

Though Circle k Hours are pretty constant, if your local store remains in that 13% store list, it might have an alteration in terms of working time.

No need to worry, as we have provided the most accurate and in-depth information regarding Circle K Hours below, so plan a visit accordingly.

Circle K Store Hours

Visit your local Circle K store and gas station for premium fuels and various products. Also, if you need public restrooms, please stop by between the below timing.

Usually, Circle K stores are open 24 hours a day on weekdays. We’ve listed generic Circle K Hours on weekdays in a weekly format.

Weekdays  Opening Hours
Monday Open 24 Hours
Tuesday Open 24 Hours
Wednesday Open 24 Hours
Thursday Open 24 Hours
Friday Open 24 Hours

To get services like gas, diesel, public restrooms, bill payment, battery rental, car wash, or cash withdrawal services, follow the above timing.

We can see from the above list that customers can go to Circle K convenience stores without worrying about their service hours.

What Time Does Circle K Open?

Usually, most Circle K stores are open for 24 hours on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

The international chain of convenience stores is available on weekends also to serve their customers with their everyday necessities.

During the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), Circle K is open 24 hours.

What Time Does Circle K Close?

The Circle K company chain is generally available for business for the whole day on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

It also provides its customers with a good experience, even on weekends. Saturday and Sunday operating hours are never-ending, open 24 hours and seven days a week.

Sometimes, these hours in all specific locations might not be the same. For this case, we suggest you confirm the closing hours so you can go there at an accurate time.

Circle K Hours Saturday

Circle K works together to make its customers’ lives a little easier every day. To do so, they don’t shut down their stores even on Saturday.

Saturday operating hours are similar to regular hours. You can find them on Saturday between the below timing.

Weekend Hours
Saturday Open 24 Hours

Circle K has fresh food to eat there, appealing restrooms to rest, and seating areas. You can have these facilities even on Saturday.

Saturday hours are not different from other days of the week. It operates too for 24 hours on Saturday, because the stores have more customers on weekends than on weekdays.

Circle K Hours Sunday

If you are planning a trip or about to head to Circle on Sunday for services like a car wash, money order, or drive-thru service, then there is no need to worry.

Though Sunday is a weekend, Circle K operates too on this day.

Weekend Hours
Sunday Open 24 Hours

Here we can see from the above table that Circle K remains open for the entire day on Sunday, which is similar to regular days.

So you can stop in at Circle K on Sunday to get a quality customer experience every time.

Sunday hours might have a variety if a holiday falls in. So to have a hassle-free shopping experience on Sunday, in an emergency, be sure of the hours through your local store.

Circle K Car Wash Hours

To take better care of your car, Circle K developed some special car wash programs that protect your car from everything it faces throughout the year.

They protect your investment by keeping salt and grime off your car’s Ultimate, Premium, Standard, or Budget car wash packages.

Enjoy all the benefits of washing your car every day with a convenient monthly billing by knowing the Car Wash Hours for the whole week stated below.

Days Hours
Monday Open 24 Hours
Tuesday Open 24 Hours
Wednesday Open 24 Hours
Thursday Open 24 Hours
Friday Open 24 Hours
Saturday Open 24 Hours
Sunday Open 24 Hours

Circle K car wash hours are pretty convenient for customers to protect their cars from dirt, which could be the ultimate car wash solution.

They are available 24/7 at your service. So, don’t let the sun and bugs burn your car’s summer look.

Stay ahead of the birds, bugs, and sun as the Circle K’s Ultimate Seasonal Wash protects from the sun, birds, and bugs and adds shine.

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Circle K Money Order Hours

Circle K sells MoneyGram money orders at most locations. The fee to buy a money order varies by location but is usually around $0.99 to $1.29.

Purchase a money order from Circle K, pay cash for the money order and fees, fill out the payee and purchaser information, and deliver it in person or by mail.

So, make it easy to do those activities by knowing the Circle K Money order hours from the below table that we structured for you.

Days Hours
Monday Open 24 Hours
Tuesday Open 24 Hours
Wednesday Open 24 Hours
Thursday Open 24 Hours
Friday Open 24 Hours
Saturday Open 24 Hours
Sunday Open 24 Hours

If you ask what time Circle K starts or stops selling money orders, then the answer is you can access money orders at any time at Circle K stores.

It operates convenience stores and gas stations that do money orders for the entire day in 35 states.

Circle K sells money orders in almost all of its outlets in the US. Therefore, you can visit the stores within regular business hours if you wish to have a guaranteed money order service.

Circle K Drive-Thru Hours

Circle K is a convenience store chain which offers products for people on the go. So use your store locator to find a store near you and visit for drive-thru service.

Visit them today for a wide variety of food, drinks, snacks, and more. Before that, know the Circle K Hours in advance.

Here we share the generic schedule for a drive-thru services for the entire week as follows.

Days Hours
Monday Open 24 Hours
Tuesday Open 24 Hours
Wednesday Open 24 Hours
Thursday Open 24 Hours
Friday Open 24 Hours
Saturday Open 24 Hours
Sunday Open 24 Hours

Drive-thru is a type of take-out service provided by Circle K that allows customers to purchase products without leaving their cars.

Most of its stores have this service within their regular business hours, as per the above discussion, which is 24 hours a day.

Circle K covered your hunger for the whole day with their drive-thru service, from hot dogs and hand-held foods to sandwiches and other healthy options.

Circle K Gas Station Hours

Circle K is committed to best-in-class fuel services and provides an easy fueling experience for its customers.

They guarantee their fuel is of high-grade quality that meets all EPA standards. When they say quality guaranteed, they mean it.

Circle K’s gas stations generally follow the store’s regular operating hours.

Days Hours
Monday Open 24 Hours
Tuesday Open 24 Hours
Wednesday Open 24 Hours
Thursday Open 24 Hours
Friday Open 24 Hours
Saturday Open 24 Hours
Sunday Open 24 Hours

If you have a Circle K Easy Pay card, you can save 30¢ per gallon on your first 100 gallons and 10¢ on every gallon.

Circle K Gas Hours keep up with the schedule of the Circle K store.

So, treat your engine with high-quality fuel and make fueling easier by knowing the hours in advance from the above table we provided.

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Circle K Holiday Hours

During the holiday season, people visit stores like Circle K much as they need a hot spot for tasty snacks and meals on the move.

Because of that, this convenience and fuel store gets busy during the time of holidays. Therefore, as per customer requirements, Circle K remains its stores open for all holidays.

Circle K store operating hours are the same as regular days for all holidays as they remain busier than normal days.

Few stores might have reduced timings. No worries, as we have made a list of holidays below when Circle K remains open or might open with reduced hours.

Date Holidays Open/ Closed
Jan 1 New Year’s Day Open
Jan 17 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Open
Feb 14 Valentine’s Day Open
Feb 21 President’s Day Open
Mar 1 Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Open
Mar 17 St Patrick’s Day Open
April 15 Good Friday Open
Apr 17 Easter Sunday Open (Might have reduced hours)
Apr 18 Easter Monday Open
May 5 Cinco de Mayo Open
May 8 Mother’s Day Open
May 30 Memorial Day Open
June 19 Juneteenth Day Open
Jul 4 Independence Day Open
Sep 5 Labor Day Open
Oct 11 Columbus Day Open
Oct 31 Halloween Open
Nov 11 Veteran’s Day Open
Nov 24 Thanksgiving Open
Nov 25 Black Friday Open
Dec 24 Christmas Eve Open (Might have reduced hours)
Dec 25 Christmas Day Open (Might have reduced hours)
Dec 26 Boxing Day Open
Dec 31 New Year’s Eve Open

Circle K, the international chain of convenience stores, remains open through all public holidays.

Most stores are open for the entire day during the holiday period. Except for three holidays as an exception, it serves with reduced hours of operation.

Circle K follows the regular hours of operation, which is 24 hours. But Circle K serves customers with reduced hours on Easter Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

So before heading on the way to Circle K on those three holidays, it will be better if you verify the hours.

Circle K Christmas Hours

Usually, all over the world, especially in the United States, most convenience stores are scheduled to close on Christmas Day (December 25).

Unlike some other stores, Circle K does not close its doors on Christmas Day. However, it serves with reduced hours of operation.

So, while other company stores are closed on Christmas Day, Circle K serves customers even on Christmas Day with reduced hours.

Circle K Thanksgiving Hours

Circle K stores are open on Thanksgiving Day (November 25). Generally, they are available 24 hours a day on Thanksgiving.

Here on Thanksgiving Day, Circle K follows the regular operating hours and does not reduce its hours. So, you can visit Circle K any time on Thanksgiving Day.

Circle K Christmas Eve Hours

Circle K generally follows the regular operating hours on Christmas Eve.

Its stores remain very busy on Christmas Eve as people go out for their last-minute shopping on Christmas Day.

Keeping Christmas ahead, Circle K might reduce its operating hours compared to regular days on Christmas Eve.

So, it will be best if you confirm the hours with your local store before heading to any Circle K store.

Circle K Hours Near Me

With various products and services, there are 15,000+ Circle K locations worldwide (primarily in the U.S., Canada, and Europe).

Since there are plenty of Circle K locations, it will be challenging to locate the nearest Circle K store and its operating hours.

Only for its customer’s convenience, we have shared below some simplest ways to find the desired location, along with hours and directions.

So, choose among those methods like Store Locator, Google Maps, or Circle K App for a hassle-free experience before going.

Store Locator

The best way to search for Circle K Hours, including the nearest store and direction, is by using their official store locator.

Go to Circle K’s official website. You will find Store Locator at the top of the page, then click on it.

There you will find a search bar where you can search by store name, city, state, or zip code. Below the bar, you will find an option to filter your search.

You will see a list of the closest locations around you. Select the store you would like to visit to see their hours, address, phone number, and directions if needed.

Google Maps

While we strongly recommend using the Circle K store locator to find a nearby store, Google Maps is an effective alternative.

Visit Google Maps with your device location turned on and search ‘Circle K’ or ‘Circle K near me’ in the search bar.

You will get a list of all Circle K stores and a map of the closest locations around you.

Select the one you would like to visit then Google Maps will provide you with their hours, address, phone number, and, if needed, directions.

Circle K App

From planning your next trip to ordering, Circle K App can fulfill your shopping needs. It is the one-stop app for finding great deals and earning rewards.

You can get this reliable and beneficial app service and expertise in the palm of your hand on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

With the Circle K App, you can easily do one or more following things by logging into your Circle K account:

  • Find instant deals
  • Earn rewards
  • Track points and clubs
  • Store locator
  • Store amenities

Circle K Hours FAQ

Is Circle K Open on Christmas?

Yes, Circle K is open on Christmas Day and follows the regular hours of operation, i.e. 24 hours a day.

As Christmas Day is one of the vital public holidays, few Circle K stores might have reduced operating hours on this day.

Is Circle K Open on Thanksgiving?

Yes, Circle K is open on Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving Day, Circle K operates by its usual timing, the whole day. So you can visit any time on that day.

About Circle K

Circle K Stores, Inc. is a chain of stores in the convenience retailing industry owned by Canadian multinational company Couche-Tard.

Its roots trace back to 1951 in El Paso, Texas, when Fred Hervey purchased three Kay’s food stores there.

Since then, Circle K has been the largest chain of company-owned and operated convenience stores in the United States, with 7,230 stores within 47 states.

Circle K convenience stores offer a selective range of daily consumables, including package drinks, sandwiches, fresh juice, coffee, newspapers, magazines, etc.

The stores also provide convenient services such as bill payment, reloading, battery rental, cash withdrawal, and e-fulfillment services.

Circle K has become one of the most widely recognized convenience store brands worldwide for quality products and excellent customer service.

It has come a long way from the beginning. It carries that pride where it has been and where it is going.


Circle K supplies the everyday necessities for your fridge, family, first aid kit, or travelling toolbox.

Fuel up, oil up, and tidy up your car. One stop at Circle K, and you are ready for your day.

No matter why you are stopping or who you are, reach as you are; Circle K is ready at your service and expecting you.

The description of Circle K Hours can make your journey to its stores smooth and tells all about opening and closing times.

To make your shopping experience easier with Circle K and get products and services from it, you might need a clear concept of Circle K Hours in advance.

We believe that we have gathered some essential information in our article regarding Circle K Hours, and we hope this article will benefit you.

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