10 Best Home Office Tips to Increase Productivity

Working at home could be even more productive than working at your company’s office. Many employees have now realized how comfortable working from home is. But some fail to recognize various design elements that hamper productivity. Maximize work output by following these 10 top home office tips if you desire a conducive work environment.

1. Invite natural lighting 

Aside from installing ambient, accent, and task lighting, your home office must invite natural lighting as much as possible. Sunlight enables people to sleep better, giving them enough energy for the next day. A study claims that 40 percent of offices with natural lighting increased their employees’ productivity and sales by 3 to 40 percent.

Although installing different types of artificial lighting will do the job, most of these are too harsh for the eyes. Natural light is less intense on the eyes and is perfect, especially if you have an open home office space.

2. Select a quiet area

One of the most crucial home office tips is choosing a quiet area for your home office. Working in a noisy room with too many people walking by can distract you. A breakfast nook could be an excellent example since occupants only hang out there for breakfast. An empty corner in your living room could also be another great option. 

If you have a divider, use it to separate your home office from the rest of the living room. You’ll feel more exclusive, allowing yourself to focus. A rule of thumb is to keep your home office away from televisions. 

3. Choose the right color palettes

There is a psychology behind using colors in your workstation or any business establishment. For instance, red is a good appetite stimulator, so most fast-food chains use red for wall paint. On the other hand, home offices might need a less fiery color to relax the eyes and mind. 

Here are some options:

  • White – Use this if you want to make your small space appear bigger
  • Grey – Easy color to match with furniture and keeps the area balanced
  • Blue – Promotes tranquility and relaxation, encouraging clear thinking
  • Yellow – Associated with optimism and creativity
  • Brown – Calming color that allows you to focus
  • Dark blue – Evokes feelings of stability, perfect for when you’re running a home business
  • Aqua – Stimulates peace and calmness

4. Get rid of clutter-free

Home offices should be clutter-free to avoid raising your stress and anxiety levels. Too much clutter prevents you from finding stuff quickly. If you have stuff lying around the area, you could easily get distracted because your wandering eyes might be glancing at clutter now and then. 

Home office hacks for a clutter-free space:

  • Buy only the necessary home office items to prevent things from piling up.
  • Do regular decluttering by freeing storage dressers of unwanted items. Remove drawers from dressers, remove items from drawers, and segregate items for donation, selling, and throwing.
  • Try digitizing and digitalizing your work documents and processes to get rid of paper and office hardware as much as possible.

Pro Tip: Stick to a daily five-minute desk-clearing routine to begin your work day with a clean slate.

5. Invest in an ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic chairs and desks are constructed considering the human body’s natural contour. These innovative furniture pieces are primarily used in workspaces to prevent injuries from sitting for extended periods. Also, ergonomic furniture provides the utmost comfort and function. It could be a height-adjustable desk or a work chair with a curved back and footrest. 

6. Design for more storage

If you’re still doing manual processes and dealing with paper documents, having enough storage is critical to a more organized home office. If you have a small desk, complement it with big six- or nine-drawer dressers. This way, you can store many home office items, such as folders, magazines, books, gadgets, or even work clothes. 

If you have a small home office space, opt for multi-purpose furniture. You may also install wall-mounted shelves to save some space.

7. Consider biophilic design

Biophilic interior design refers to connecting humans to nature. Integrating the most natural and raw materials in your space to bring the outdoors indoors is the key to biophilic interiors. For example, decorating with wooden elements, such as wooden planks or pallets on accent walls, is commonplace. This interior design concept could also be as simple as displaying indoor plants to bring workers closer to nature. 

Some biophilic interior design benefits are:

  • Improves employees’ physical health by eliminating damaging volatile organic compounds in most furniture through plants
  • It helps enhance mental health and well-being due to exposure to nature
  • Stimulates productivity and creativity because nature improves cognitive functions

8. Keep your home office near windows

As mentioned, nature enhances our mood and boosts productivity. Aside from featuring indoor plants, you can also create a home office space near a window. This way, you’ll have a view of the trees and grass outside. You can also hear birds chirping, making you relaxed throughout your shift. 

Moreover, keeping your home office near a window improves airflow and temperature and invites more natural lighting.

9. Set the right temperature

Aside from relying on windows for a more comfortable work temperature, you can grab a humidifier to keep humidity between 30 and 50 percent. It’s also recommended that workspace temperatures must be between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Setting the right temperature in your workspace is one of the most neglected home office tips. Working with the proper temperature offers more comfort and improves health by preventing illnesses caused by too much heat.

10. Add a personal touch

Adding a personal touch to your home office can reflect your style and personality, making it comfortable and fun to work in. 

Here are some ways to personalize your home office design:

  • Choose your favorite color for your home office wall. However, ensure it’s not a distracting color but a stimulating one for higher output.
  • Display your favorite piece/pieces of wall art.
  • Add picture frames of you, your family, your pets, or your travels for inspiration.
  • Feature most-loved belongings, such as travel memorabilia or books
  • Display curated accessories that speak your personality
  • Feature your favorite indoor plants for that added greenery.

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Final Thoughts

These home office ideas are a step to a more functional and comfortable workspace. Having a conducive work environment is what work-from-home employees strive for every day. By doing these home office tips, you’ll never want to work in your company’s office again. 

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